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WWE 'TLC' Preview: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler Ladder Match for the 'Money in the Bank' briefcase

Ladder Match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

John Cena is looking to put a bit of punishment on Dolph Ziggler for his participation in the infamous AJ Lee scandal by taking his Money in the Bank briefcase and getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Can Cena climb the ladder to take away Ziggler's title shot tonight at TLC?

The road to TLC

On the Nov. 5 edition of Raw, Dolph Ziggler injected himself in the feud going on between John Cena and Vickie Guerrero over the topic of a potential AJ Lee scandal. The next week, things picked up as AJ Lee went into the WWE men's locker room to defend John Cena after he was attacked by Ziggler. Ziggler torn in on AJ verbally, prompting her to attack Ziggler. Cena came in to break it up, but Ziggler put in a sneak attack and put Cena through a bathroom stall.

Since then, it has been nonstop accusations and confrontations between the teams of Cena and AJ and Vickie and Ziggler.

When Mr. McMahon visited on the Dec. 3 edition of Raw, he forced Vickie to put Cena up against Ziggler with the latter's Money in the Bank briefcase on the line in a ladder match. The two have tried to get the advantage on each other through various sneak attacks and verbal sparring matches, but it will all come down to who can climb that ladder tonight.

What's at stake?

For Ziggler, tonight is a shot at maintaining his chance to once again become World Heavyweight Champion. This presents an opportunity to erase his 11-minute title reign he had in the early part of 2011. With that, Ziggler can finally etch his name into the history books with a win here to maintain that title opportunity.

Cena can maintain his recent status as a man in contention for a world title by climbing the ladder tonight. While he was unable to best rival CM Punk, Cena has yet another opportunity to prove himself worthy of some gold for the first time in quite a while.

Who will climb the ladder to retrieve the most important briefcase of their life? Find out TONIGHT at TLC.

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