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WWE 'TLC' Preview: Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth for the United States Championship

WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth

Swiss export and current WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro looks to make sure his claim that no American can beat him holds true as he takes on R-Truth tonight at TLC.

The road to TLC

Since SummerSlam, Antonio Cesaro has blazed a path of destruction through the field of contenders for his WWE United States Championship. Many have fallen at the hands of Cesaro and his powerful Swiss Death and Gotch Neutralizer signature moves.

However, many aren't as impressed with Cesaro, who has taken to insulting the United States in favor of his homeland of Switzerland. One of these men is R-Truth.

Truth and Cesaro met up in November at Survivor Series in a match for the belt. Cesaro came away victorious, but later that week on SmackDown, Truth beat Cesaro in a non-title matchup. Though Cesaro's belt has been put up a few times, in addition to numerous other times he has taken on Truth in non-title matches with other situations, the two have been competitive and look to settle the score tonight.

What's at stake?

Cesaro has both his belt and his aura on the line here. Having defended the belt for months on end and defeated larger men like Brodus Clay, Cesaro has proved to be nearly unbeatable. While he has been prone to a slip here and there, he largely is only one Swiss Death away from putting the Gotch Neutralizer in for the victory.

Truth is battling for his country and for his pride here. He has been somewhat quiet in terms of competition, not really having a place in any title picture until he locked up with Cesaro. He also has painted himself into a corner by defending the US and wants to ensure the American masses that Cesaro's Swiss nationalism will not be tolerated.

TONIGHT at TLC, Antonio Cesaro will look to maintain his stride in disposing of contenders for the WWE United States Championship. Can R-Truth finally put a end to the Swiss strongman's reign? Turn in to TLC to find out.

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