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WWE 'TLC' results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Dec. 16) from Brooklyn

Get complete results and live match coverage of the entire WWE 'TLC' match card tonight (Sun., Dec. 16, 2012) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York; featuring Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield, John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler, and more!

WWE is all set to pop off with its TLC event tonight (Sun., Nov. 16, 2012) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of TLC below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a main event of Ryback teaming up with Team Hell No to take on The Shield -- in the first ever tables, ladders, and chairs match that will be won by pinfall or submission. In other action on the card, Dolph Ziggler puts his Money in the Bank contract on the line against John Cena, Big Show defends the world heavyweight title against Sheamus, and Antonio Cesaro puts his U.S. championship up for grabs against R-Truth.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below:



- Dolph Ziggler defeats John Cena in a ladder match.
- Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, and The Brooklyn Brawler defeated 3MB by submission.
- WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) defeated Sheamus via pinfall in a chairs match.
- WWE Divas Championship: Eve (c) defeated Naomi via pinfall.
- The Shield defeated Ryback & Team Hell No via pinfall in a TLC match.
- WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall.
- WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) defeated R-Truth via pinfall.
- Rhodes Scholars defeated Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in a tables match.
- Naomi wins the Divas Battle Royal.



Nolan in.

Preshow is live.

Just your typical hyping of the event and the Slammy Awards tomorrow night.

Brodus Clay won Best Dancer. I disagree, as I enjoy The Funkadactyls a bit more.

Charlie Sheen won Social Media Ambassador of the year.

Jerry Lawler won...something that I didn't really pay attention to. Probably comeback of the year?

"FEED ME MORE!" won Crowd Chant of the year.

These awards are atrociously bad.

Upset of the year goes to Daniel Bryan winning at Royal Rumble against Big Show and Mark Henry.

Diva of the year goes to AJ.

Worst moment of the year should go to this crap.


Divas Battle Royal

Rosa is eliminated by Natalya. Cameron is eliminated by Tamina next. Aksana eliminated by Layla.

I'll be honest here, these outfits aren't really sexy. They are goofy as hell.

Alicia Fox was eliminated. Layla was eliminated by Tamina. Natalya was eliminted by Naomi.

We are left with Kaitlyn, Tamina, and Naomi. Tamina trying to eliminate Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn is able to pull her over the top and get her out of there.

Kaitlyn and Naomi going at it. Kaitlyn powering her around. Back bodydrop to the apron by Naomi. Kaitlyn with a hangman's neckbreaker, but Eve on the apron smacks the taste out of Kaitlyn's mouth.

Dropkick by Naomi gets her a match with Eve tonight.


Will join you folks here again once the pay-per-view goes live.

See you soon!


Pay-per-view is live.


Tables Match: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes Scholars enters with mics.

Sandow asks if there is any life form lower than the Brooklyn hipster. Sandow says they are literally the unwashed masses. Rhodes says that they are not pseudo-intellectuals and they don't primp their facial hair to make it look like they just rolled out of bed.

Excellent stuff.

Match starts.

The luchadores are in control and put down Rhodes Scholars. Mysterio with a headscissors on Rhodes to take him outside. Sin Cara with an elbow from the back of Mysterio to hit Sandow. Sandow tossed outside.

Double baseball slide on Sandow and the group brings in the table.

Mysterio and Sin Cara using the table as a battering ram, knocking both men down. Sandow on the table, but Rhodes saves him. Rhodes sends Mysterio sliding to the floor. Sin Cara on top and Rhodes and Sandow double-teaming.

Rhodes takes Mysterio out on the outside.

Back inside and the tables have turned.

Get it?

Sin Cara with the springboard arm drag. Rhodes turns it around and hits a Disaster Kick.

Sandow tosses Mysterio into the ring post outside.

Sin Cara sent outside as well. Sandow and Rhodes keeping both men grounded. Mysterio sent into the barricade by Sandow. Sin Cara's leg is trapped between the steel steps and the team rams the table into the steel steps. Rhodes Scholars sets up two tables next to each other. Sin Cara and Mysterio layed across.

Rhodes Scholars inside and they have a move planned, but Mysterio with a trip of Sandow. Mysterio with the seated senton on Rhodes. Mysterio takes out Rhodes on the outside with a seated senton.

Sin Cara with the headscissors on Sandow. He follows to the outside with a plancha to take both of them out.

Inside, Rhodes almost gets an Alabama Slam, but Mysterio with the drop toehold. 619 is dialed and converts. Rhodes on the table inside and Mysterio up top. Sandow crotches him. The team slams the table in the face of Mysterio to put him outside. Sin Cara knocks Sandow down.

Sin Cara clearing house here. He is on the apron and goes for a springboard attack.

Rhodes pushes him down and Sin Cara through the tables that were lined up on the floor.

Wow, nice finish!

Rhodes Scholars win.

Sin Cara taking a huge bump there for a good finish.


The Shield with another handheld video.

They declare that tonight, Ryback will be given a taste of his own medicine. They say that Kane and Daniel Bryan are not off the hook and they are an injustice to tag teams. They just don't like Team Hell No.


WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth

The two trade back and forth, ending with Cesaro getting a nearfall.

Cesaro holding the side headlock. Truth ends up getting a rollup for a nearfall after reversing the hold.

Truth with another rollup for a nearfall.

Truth with a side headlock. Cesaro turns it into a side suplex. Cesaro stomping on Truth and giving the crowd a smug grin. Cesaro mounts Truth and lands a punch and a headbutt. Truth fighting back, but he runs into a knee lift to the stomach for a nearfall.

Cesaro locking the arm of Truth around his own head. Truth trying to fight out, but Cesaro in complete control here. Truth looking for an escape, but nothing happening.

Crowd is not pleased with this.

Cesaro lets them know that he doesn't really care. Truth tries to get back in, but Cesaro taking him from corner to corner and ramming his head into the turnbuckles. R-Truth hulking up and starts landing jabs. Clotheslines. Cesaro sends him into the ropes, but Truth with the corkscrew elbow for a nearfall.

Scissors kick lands for another nearfall for Truth.

Cesaro is cornered, but gets a back elbow on Truth. Cesaro off the ropes, but he eats the heel kick from Truth. Nearfall one again for Truth.

Truth tries picking up Cesaro for a suplex, but Cesaro goes out the back and shoves Truth into the corner. Referee almost gets hit by Truth, but Cesaro from behind with the uppercut. Cesaro puts Truth up for the Gotch Neutralizer.

Cesaro is your winner.

Matt Striker in the ring. He asks about the negative reception he is receiving from these fans. Cesaro says he is an international superstar and that by booing him, they are booing their own country. Cesaro says Americans have no respect for anyone.

Crowd is upset and that is good heat.

Decent match, but not enough time for Cesaro to look amazing per usual.


Tribute to the Troops preview and Touts.


Dolph Ziggler with Josh Mathews.

Ziggler says that thievery has been legalized since this match is going down. Ziggler says that this doesn't make any sense. Ziggler says that he wants Cena's career to be over after tonight to make it fair. Ziggler wants everyone to scrutinize Cena's every move so he can fail and watch 2013's biggest star rise to the top.


Tonight, everything will change.

Not bad, Mr. Ziggler.


Miz TV is next.

And people realized that they wasted money on this PPV.

Skipping all of his awful shtick, 3MB are his guests.

The Miz is basically berating them. Mahal saying that the group is a bunch of talented, unique individuals. Miz calls them The Village People. Slater says that The Rolling Stones wish they could rock out with them. They will perform live tomorrow night.

3MB starts tearing in on the Spanish announce crew, saying they speak American in this country. The group pushing the Spanish announce crew around and Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to talk some sense into them. Ricardo getting the boots put to him.


Del Rio putting the group down one by one, but the group overwhelms him.

The Miz joins in to eliminate the group.

Long story short, 3MB vs. Miz, ADR, and a partner of their choosing later tonight.

That was a good face turn, honestly.


Kane and Daniel Bryan together.

Bryan says it is hard to communicate with him, since he can't stand someone repeating themselves over and over and over again.

Kane sighs, but says bodies will broken and torn. But, he says that they will feed Ryback every member of The Shield.



Wade Barrett with Matt Striker.

Barrett says he is not nervous, as he has beaten Kingston over and over again. He says there may be a wildcat, but it doesn't have nine lives and it will be neutered tonight.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett with a scoop slam immediately for a nearfall.

Barrett controlling Kofi in the corner with elbows and keeping Kofi on the mat for another nearfall.

Side headlock in for Barrett. Barrett off the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Barrett off the ropes and it leads to a Kofi corkscrew elbow and a dropkick for a nearfall.

Barrett turns the tide and sends Kofi out to the floor with a clothesline.

Barrett outside and stomping Kofi. He whips Kofi near the apron, but Kofi somersaults in and gets a suicide dive on the outside.

Kofi on the apron and misses a springboard attack. Barrett with a sidekick to the stomach. Pumphandle slam lands for Barrett for a nearfall.

Barrett with a right hand. He picks Kofi up, gets a hotshot, and brings him down onto a backbreaker for a nearfall.

Barrett locking in the surfboard, but Kofi out. Kofi off the ropes and stops a Barrett bodydrop, but Barrett gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall.

Barrett goes up top and hits the elbow drop for another nearfall.

Barrett takes the back of Kofi and locks in the chinlock. Kofi fighting out with bodyshots, but Barrett with a knee to the stomach. Barrett again goes for that hotshot move, but Kofi turns it around into a Russian leg sweep. Kofi with the chops to the chest. Dropkick. Flying forearm. Boom Drop lands and Kofi looking to get the win. Trouble in Paradise misses and Barrett misses the Winds of Change as Kofi rolls him up for a nearfall.

SOS lands for Kofi for a nearfall.

Barrett in the corner and Kofi mounts him for ten punches. Kofi tries to land a maneuver, but tuns into the boot of Barrett. Barrett gets the full nelson slam for a nearfall.

Barrett tries to get in control and Kofi gets up top for his signature crossbody. Barrett rolls over on the cover for a nearfall.

Barrett angry, but Kofi gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Barrett hits the Winds of Change as Kofi comes off the ropes. Kofi kicks out for a nearfall.

Barrett ready for the Bullhorn. He gets the whip ready and pulls Kofi in, but Kofi coiled up and nails the Trouble in Paradise. Barrett down.

Kofi retains!


CM Punk has his own sky box. Everyone wants an update on his knee. Heyman tells them to "FUHGETTABOUTIT!" Punk says that he didn't want to leave his home in Chicago to be among the animals of Brooklyn. Punk says that the fans have something in common with Ryback, as they are both dumb.

Punk goes on to continue to insult Ryback and the fans. He tells the fans that he is just getting started.


Team Hell No & Ryback vs. The Shield



Uh...okay. Guess Jonathan and Dolphin will be main eventing.

Brawl begins on the outside. Ryback with Ambrose, Rollins with Bryan, and Kane with Reigns. The faces are up at first, but The Shield fighting back.

Ryback and Ambrose in the ring. Ambrose with the chops, but Ryback is able to get a Thesz press. The Shield all enters to beat on Ryback. Ryback on the apron and Ambrose with a dropkick to send him out. Kane trying to bring in the ladder, but the group with a baseball slide. Bryan getting beat down and Reigns tosses him into the ladder.

Ryback reenters and he takes out Ambrose and Rollins with the ladder. Ryback beating them down until Reigns hits him with a chair. Kane gets in on him and puts him into the corner. Bryan follows with kicks. Ladder in the corner and Reigns sent into it. Bryan with the running dropkick. Nearfall.

And all hell breaks loose.

Tables and ladders all being used. The Shield clears the faces out of the ring until Ryback enters. Ryback puts Rollins and Ambrose into the corners. The Shield turns it around and Rollins with a ladder to the torso of Ryback. Ladder up in the corner again, but Ryback slams both men back into the mat. Ryback whips both men into the ladder and splashes them. Ryback pulls the ladder down and hits a double suplex on Rollins and Ambrose.

Shell Shocked attempt is broken up by Reigns with a shot to the stomach. The pack mentality again coming into play. Ambrose pummeling Ryback with a chair. Reigns with a huge hit with the ladder.

Action moves outside and Reigns wants the Spanish announcers to move. The group handling Ryback. The group puts Ryback up and lands the triple powerbomb.

Bryan comes through the ropes with a suicide dive. Kane follows up and a brawl begins.

Back inside and Reigns and Ambrose back with him. Ambrose puts the chair on the back of Bryan and lands a scoop slam. Chair set up in the ring, but Ambrose thinks better of it and lands another scoop slam. Ambrose puts the chair on the chest of Bryan and stomps. Table is set up on the top rope. The group runs Bryan into the side of the table.

Bryan up top and Ambrose and Rollins go up on top of the table. Double superplex from the group earns a nearfall.

Kane broke the pin and Ambrose and Rollins do the same by running Kane into the side of the table. Kane tosses Rollins to the floor outside and hits a flying forearm from the table. Nearfall for Kane.

Kane is able to put Reigns down and a chair is set up in the ring. Ambrose trying to turn the tide, but Chokeslam from Kane through the chair! Reigns barely breaks the pin.

Action outside and Kane is in control until Rollins clips the knee of Kane. Reigns with a HUGE football tackle through the ring announcer's booth.


They pile stuff on top of Kane to keep him down.

Inside, Bryan locks in the Yes Lock on Ambrose. The hold is broken to get Rollins in it. Reigns tries to break it up, but he gets caught in the hold. The hold is broken and a chair is set inside the ring. Bryan gets his face stomped into the chair.

Ryback is up and he takes the group out. Rollins sent into Ambrose on the outside. Spinebuster for Reigns. Ambrose comes in to stop any offense, but Ryback pushes him off for a huge spear. Meathook Clothesline follows.

Shell Shocked lands! Reigns and Rollins barely get there!

Ryback on the outside and Reigns and Rollins trying to overwhelm him. Rollins with the chair to the back of Ryback, but Ryback with a tackle on Reigns into the tables, ladders, and chairs on the outside. The group brawling up the ramp. Ryback wants a powerbomb on Rollins, but Ambrose tosses the chair on Ryback's head. The group tosses the ladder over on Ryback and starts unloading with chair shots. Ryback is put on the table and Seth Rollins is going up top on a huge ladder.

He sends Ambrose and Reigns back to the ring.

Ryback gets up and chases Rollins up the ladder. Rollins straddling two ladders, but Ryback pulls him down onto a stack of tables that were part of the stage setup.

Ryback staggering back to the ring, but Reigns has Bryan up top with him.

Powerbomb through the table!

The Shield wins!

The group goes to help Rollins and celebrate.

What. A. Match. Especially for a debut of sorts for The Shield.


WWE Divas Championship: Eve (c) vs. Naomi

Kill all the heat with a Divas match.

Eve working Naomi in the corner. Naomi is leapfrogging and showing off her glutes.

Eve on the outside and Naomi puts her down with a baseball slide.

Naomi doing some dancing in the ring. Eve with an armbreaker on the top rope as Naomi took too much time showboating. Eve locking in the keylock and Naomi having trouble. Naomi fighting out and gets an arm drag. Naomi with a hurricanrana. Naomi with a spin kick in the corner and goes up top. She misses a crossbody.

Eve with the neckbreaker in the middle of the ring and gets the win.

She does the photo opportunity in the middle of the ring.


Big Show with Matt Striker.

Show says that the smartest thing Sheamus could have done was hit him. He could have prevented the pain he will endure tonight. Show has been waiting for this for a while now. He says Sheamus' Irish eyes won't be smiling.

They'll be shut.

Heel Show is the best.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

Brawl starts and both men evading and fighting off the respective other. Sheamus with a dropkick to the knee. Sheamus clubbing the chest of Show, but Show with an arm drag. Sheamus with a shoulder block to the knee. Knee drops to Show.

Sheamus outside to get the chair, but Show kicks it away.

Sheamus beating Show down.

Action moves outside. Sheamus chasing Show with the chair, but Show with a huge sidekick to send the chair into the face of Sheamus. Show with huge chops to the chest of Sheamus. Sheamus sent inside and Show looking for a chair. Sheamus with a battering ram from the apron. Show soon tosses him around and they go inside.

Sheamus fighting back inside. Show pulls a whip attempt from Sheamus into a huge clothesline. Headbutt from Show and he steps on top of Sheamus.

Show again outside, but Sheamus with a huge baseball slide. Sheamus looking for a chair and he finds it.

Show is chased into the ring. Sheamus unloading chair shots onto the body of Show. Show off the ropes and Sheamus with a bodyslam for a nearfall.

Sheamus up top with the chair and gets a battering ram with the chair. Sheamus again going up and he went to the well once too often, as Show clobbers him with a spear.

Show goes to the outside and starts cracking Sheamus across the back with the chair. Sheamus laid across the steel steps and Show with a huge chop to the chest.

Back inside and Show stops Sheamus from grabbing the chair. Chairshot to the back of Sheamus. Sheamus trying a body shot, but Show with a knee to the head. Show chokes Sheamus on the second rope. Headbutt by Show. Splash in the corner from Show. Show looking to move outside, but Sheamus raises the rope on him, crotching him.

Both men down and start exchanging strikes. Sheamus gets the better of the exchange. Shoulder block in the corner and a knee lift. Sheamus caught in a Chokeslam. Show lands it for a nearfall.

Show tossing chair after chair into the ring. Sheamus gets a chair across the back. Show lays the chair across the chest of Sheamus and lands a splash on the second rope for a nearfall.

Show setting the chairs up end to end. Show tries a Chokeslam, but Sheamus gets out. White Noise lands for Sheamus and he gets a nearfall.

Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick. He misses and gets hung up on the top rope. KO Punch lands! Show stalling, but he gets the cover. SHEAMUS CENA KICKS OUT!

Show moves outside for a double-sized chair. The thing is scary.

Show inside and he takes the huge chair across the back of Sheamus.

Show wins it.

Decent match. Slow, but not bad.


Cena and AJ backstage.

Pretty much imagine your typical segment between the two. Awful and what not.


3MB vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and The Brooklyn Brawler

ADR and Slater starting. ADR stomping Slater in the corner. Step-up enzuigiri by ADR. ADR locking up Slater.

Brawler in! Brawler cleaning house! Slater gets a superkick on him and kills the momentum.

McIntyre in and he's working Brawler in the corner.

Miz is brought in and so is Mahal. Miz cleaning house as well and gets a DDT on Mahal for a nearfall.

ADR in and the brawl begins. ADR takes McIntyre out with a suicide dive on the outside. Ricardo trips Slater up and brings him outside. Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Mahal.

Brawler tagged in. Boston crab in!



Recap of Cena/Ziggler/AJ/Vickie.


Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena

Lockup and Cena with the side headlock. Shoulder block. Ziggler with a side headlock. Cena sends Ziggler into the ropes, but Ziggler gets the top rope. Cena with a hip toss and a side headlock takeover. Cena holding the headlock. Ziggler turns it into a side headlock of his own. Cena with a snapmare. Fisherman's suplex and monkey flip from Cena.

Ziggler tossed outside. Cena goes to follow Ziggler. Cena taking him to town and puts Ziggler inside. Cena going for the ladder, but Ziggler with a baseball slide to put the ladder into Cena's face.

Ziggler setting it up inside, but Cena with a kick to the leg and hits Ziggler with the ladder.

Action back outside and Ziggler sent over the announce table. Cena picking up the steel steps and rams them into the head of Ziggler. Ziggler is out like a light. Cena grabs a table.

Cena inside and sets up the table. Ziggler gets Cena with a hangman's neckbreaker as Cena was trying to get him. Ziggler setting up the ladder and climbing, but Cena brings him down. Cena and Ziggler trading strikes in the middle of the ring.

Crowd is fully behind Ziggler.

Sleeper is in for Ziggler. Cena climbing to the top of the ladder. Cena gets to the top and he looks to be fading quick. Cena is out and both men fall through the table. Ziggler climbing and sets up the ladder once again. Cena picking up the ladder for an AA. He almost gets it, but Ziggler escapes. Shoulder bumps. Side slam. Ziggler pops up and hits a Fame Asser!

Ziggler rolling outside. He gets the ladder inside.

Ziggler in, but Cena rolls him up. STF is in and Ziggler gets the rope.

Ziggler taps!

But, that doesn't matter, since it is a ladder match.

Ziggler on the apron and Cena with the ladder. Ziggler ducks and gets the shoulder to the stomach. He launches himself over the top rope, but Cena catches him for the AA. Ziggler out and he gets the Zig Zag!

Ziggler outside and gets a table. Sets it up in the corner, but he runs into a side slam. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena has him up for the AA, but Ziggler gets out and puts Cena down.

Ziggler goes to get the huge ladder. He hits the ring with it and climbs to the top. Cena climbs and barely meets him there. The two exchanging strikes and Ziggler gets put down. Cena is there. It is his for the taking. Ziggler gets the shorts and gets Cena down. Ziggler puts Cena into the ladder. Ziggler stalking, but Cena up and gets a hurricanrana to put Ziggler through the table.

Weakest hurricanrana ever. Lord.

Cena has the ladder and is ready to set it up. Ziggler gets there to dropkick the ladder away and put Cena down. Ziggler clearing the ring. He tries to whip Cena into the chair that is between the turnbuckles, but nothing doing. Cena puts Ziggler gets up top. Ziggler is able to fight him off. Crossbody is caught and Cena rolls to put in the AA. Ziggler grabs the chair in the corner and cracks the leg of Cena with it.

Ziggler ready. He wants the superkick, but Cena nails him with the AA.

Vickie Guerrero is here. She wants the chairshot on Cena, but AJ is here! Shoulder bumps! Five Knuckle Shuffle!

Cena in the ring! He sets up the ladder. AJ skipping. Cena has it!


Ziggler and her exchanging a glare. She smiles and skips off!



Ziggler standing triumphant up top. Cena disappointed in the ring.

We fade to black with those images.


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