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Mark Henry WWE return still apparently up in the air

Where oh where has "The World's Strongest Man" gone? Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry reappeared on Twitter during Monday Night Raw last night to update us on his status. Is he finally coming back?

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Although WWE Monday Night Raw has featured a few new interesting acts lately, like the collective group known as The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns), the show has been missing a certain monster.

The world's strongest, in fact.

Indeed, Mark Henry has been away for most of the year dealing with injury. He got shoulder surgery all the way back in May and has since given various interviews in which he's said he feels physically great -- even getting back into incredible shape -- but he may or may not be able to return to action. His main one-liner has been, if he can come back at 100-percent he will but if he can't, he won't.

Now, after an extended break from Twitter, he tweeted last night updating us on his return.

"What up? Yeah it's me still alive, I'm pushing to come back but that don't mean it will happen. Shield is pissing me off. Ass kicking is my job."

This wouldn't be such a frustrating wait if Henry had been winding down and mailing it in before his injury. But he was doing the best work of his career late last year and of all the matches that have taken place on Raw this year, his WWE championship tilt with CM Punk stands out as one of the best.

Get well soon, big man, we need you back.

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