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Kharma comments on WWE release: It was 'appropriate'

Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, was released by WWE back in July but she hasn't spoken on the matter until now. Her first comments since then are as classy as can be, too.

Photo by Mshake3 at Wikimedia Commons

When Kia Stevens, who wrestled as Awesome Kong in TNA, signed with WWE and debuted as Kharma, her arrival was supposed to rejuvenate the Diva's division. She got a big push, too, with a legitimate storyline and plans that stretched longer than the latest episode of Monday Night Raw and a two minute match.

Then, she got pregnant.

That forced her to take a lot of time off, of course, but her return was highly anticipated. She made a brief return at the Royal Rumble to a monster pop, even eliminating a superstar or two before being tossed in short order. It looked like she was primed to come back and resume her bright career.

Unfortunately, tragedy had struck and she just wasn't telling anyone about it. Actually, she lied about it.

As it turned out, she lost her child and was so devastated by the situation, she avoided telling anyone. Her comeback was short lived and it wasn't long before she revealed the truth, that she lost her child and was having trouble dealing with it. Later, she would vow to start a foundation to support women who have been through something similar.

After all this came out and enough time went by, there was word that Kharma was trying to get back into wrestling shape. But before she ever reappeared on television, word broke that she had been released.

In a recent interview with, she talked for the first time about being let go by the company, calling it "appropriate":

"Sometimes things aren't moving along as quickly as they need to be, and some things weren't progressing as quickly as they should have been. I think the release was actually a good idea and very appropriate. WWE, the world knows they don't just hire anyone. If they hire you, they're going to invest in you. They're going to apply any and every resource they have for anything that you're going through, so having said that, again, the timing just was there. My release was, in my opinion, appropriate."

She would also go on to say she's not interested in returning to TNA, though she's grateful for the opportunities she was afforded there. She has returned to the independent wrestling scene, though, so it's not crazy to think she could make a return to the big leagues at some point.

We can only hope she's doing much better after having to go through such a terrible situation.

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