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Cody Rhodes injury update: No timetable for WWE return

Cody Rhodes talks to and gives an update on the injuries he suffered on an episode of WWE Main Event recently while also revealing the timetable for his return.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Cody Rhodes was knocked out of action with a plethora of injuries suffered after a bad landing on a back body drop from Kane on a recent episode of WWE Main Event. Among the injuries suffered, he came away with torn muscles, a separated shoulder, and a concussion.


In an interview with, Rhodes gave an update on the injury, as well as a timetable for his return:

"Well, honestly, the best way I've heard the injury described, is that I dodged a bullet. The trap tear is a grade two (on a scale of one to three), but I don't need surgery - the tears will heal themselves over time with proper physical therapy. The separated shoulder is an old injury from amateur wrestling, and it's basically the area that could have been considerably worse. I could have landed on my neck, but I turned just in time to land on my shoulder. The separated shoulder is where the most pain is and it's the AC joint, but like I said, I dodged a bullet - no surgery. ... I am a quick healer and I can fight through pain, but I will not rush my return to the ring. There is no hard timeline for my return."

With no timetable for his return, his former tag team partner, Damien Sandow, is back to his singles career. It looked bleak at first, as he was jobbed out on consecutive shows, but now he's debuting a new segment on SmackDown this week and things are looking up once again.

It won't be long until Rhodes makes a triumphant return and The Rhodes Scholars are back at it. Who would have thought that anyone would have been missing a wrestler because it meant breaking up a tag team?

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