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John Cena is Superman and WWE is now outright admitting as much

Fans have known for years that John Cena is "Superman." But until now, WWE has simply let that assumption ring true without acknowledging as much. Not anymore.

John Cena is often referred to as "Superman," not because WWE bestowed the name upon him but because disgruntled fans needed a proper way to describe him. He never seems to lose and even when he does, he always seems to come out on top in the end.

Throughout the duration of his time on top, this was always simply assumed, something WWE let speak for itself.

Until now.

Indeed, in an article at, Cena is literally compared to the "Man of Steel" and WWE shamelessly admits that he is indestructible.

John Cena rests alone atop the mountain of WWE, a Superstar who has made himself indestructible by virtue of - if nothing else - his self-imposed isolation. Superman needed a whole hideout to achieve seclusion, but for all his jolly camaraderie with the WWE Universe, Cena is a Fortress of Solitude unto himself. He has no allies, no attachments, no baggage and, as a result, very few losses to his name in both wrestling matches and personal rivalries. The only way to defeat Cena is to beat him straight up, and that is a task few Superstars find themselves equal to.

The purpose of the article is to ask if Cena's personal relationships are ultimately what ends up being his undoing. To that end, WWE again admits that getting anywhere near Cena is akin to career suicide:

Because he is so difficult to topple on his own, Superstars looking to unman the Cenation leader will often turn toward those who are counted as his friends and family. It's a rare occurrence for Cena to form a lasting attachment, exactly because of the consequences that tend to unfold when he does. Palling around with the former WWE Champion might as well be a death sentence. In each instance, Cena's opponents have targeted those he cares about to weaken him either emotionally or physically, and each time it has worked like gangbusters.

All of this is written in kayfabe but it might as well be taken at face value. Cena is a heat seeker who consumes all those around him and because of his status as "Superman," there is no such thing as a legitimate threat to his throne.

The other side of this is WWE could be laying the ground work for AJ Lee ultimately being the leverage used in Cena's pending match against Dolph Ziggler at the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) on Dec. 16, 2012, in Brooklyn, New York. At first, it was reported that the injury angle they ran last week on Monday Night Raw was because the powers that be felt it necessary for fans to believe Ziggler a true threat. That may have been abandoned -- Cena has been working an awful lot of dates lately for an injured superstar -- in favor of a new angle that sees Ziggler use AJ to get an advantage. Frankly, that makes more sense and it's a direction they've already been working towards.

Either way, it's kind of nice to see WWE openly admit Cena is Superman. Now if they could just make him interesting by using that in a more compelling way.

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