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Video: John Cena commemorate's 10 years strong in WWE

Believe it or not, John Cena is over a decade into his WWE run and he's still going strong. WWE is commemorating that with a video series with the man himself looking back on his illustrious career.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

If pro wrestling fans can put aside their collective hate long enough, they might see that John Cena's career arc has been quite fascinating.

In his early days, he was a sort of cult hero, a guy who burst on the scene on SmackDown in the beginning of the Ruthless Aggression Era in 2002, answering Vince McMahon's call for as much when WWE was seeing its business decline with the end of the wildly popular Attitude Era.

His attire was goofy and he was green as goose shit but he had a great look, especially by WWE standards, and a charisma they just needed to find a way to tap into. As the story goes, he was freestyling one day, was overheard, and quickly underwent a gimmick change to a Vanilla Ice type freestyling rapper, who would flow on his way to the ring and cut promos in that form.

It worked. He was edgy and the hardcore crowd that so despises him now loved him then. Everyone loved him, really, and he brought something new to the scene during a time when everything felt rather stale.

His rise to the top was fast and after winning the WWE championship at WrestleMania in 2005, he came over to Monday Night Raw in the annual draft, a move most embraced at the time. But his character soon underwent a drastic change. Gone were the freestyles and edgy raps, giving way to an increasingly vanilla style that was bland in comparison to his earlier days.

He became the unofficial spokesman for the company and because of that, his tireless work ethic and drawing power in a time when few have it, he became a darling of the boss, McMahon. He's been on top ever since, transforming into a squeaky clean babyface who isn't really squeaky clean with a lot of kid-friendly catchphrases.

His character now is almost a response to the reaction his character gets. He's just a hardworking guy who pushes a good message and tries his best to win. Despite that, a large portion of the WWE fanbase hates his guts. So he pushes on with his do good attitude despite them, with the focus on that becoming an increasingly overused focal point by the creative brain trust.

Is Cena great at what he does? That's an endless debate, one pro wrestling fans will have forever. What matters, really, is that WWE thinks he is and as long as that's the case, we might be in for another 10 years of him.

Here's part one of WWE's look back at the first 10:

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