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WWE Survivor Series 2012 results and live match coverage TONIGHT (Nov. 18) from Indianapolis

Get complete results and live match coverage of the entire WWE Survivor Series match card tonight (Sun., Nov. 18, 2012) from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, featuring CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena, Big Show vs. Sheamus, and more!

WWE is all set to pop off with its Survivor Series event tonight (Sun., Nov. 18, 2012) from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view (PPV). will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Survivor Series below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature a main event pitting CM Punk putting his WWE championship on the line in triple threat match opposite Ryback and John Cena. Expect insanity.

Plus, Big Show vs. Sheamus for the world heavyweight title, Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth for the U.S. championship, and Team Foley taking on Team Ziggler in a traditional five-on-five elimination style match.

All that and more.

So kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

Full results and match coverage below:


- CM Punk def. Ryback and John Cena
- Sheamus defeats WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show via disqualification. Big Show retains the title.
- WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) defeats R-Truth via pinfall to retain.
- WWE Divas Championship: Eve (c) defeats Kaitlyn via pinfall to retain.
- Team Ziggler defeats Team Foley in a traditional Survivor Series match.
- Brodus Clay, International Airstrike, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara defeat The Prime Time Players, Tensai, and Primo & Epico in a traditional Survivor Series match.
- 3MB defeats Team CoBro via pinfall.


Nolan in.

Pre-show is live.

Dolph Ziggler introduces David Otunga as the replacement for Cody Rhodes. His team doesn't seem to be pleased with this and there is a lot of tension in Team Ziggler.

Preview of Sheamus vs. Big Show.


3MB vs. Team CoBro

Mahal and Ryder start. Mahal with the side headlock. Shoulder block. Mahal off the ropes, but Ryder with the arm drag.

Santino in. Arm wrench and arm drag into a crossface. Santino goes for another arm wrench, but Mahal nails him with a forearm.

Slater brought in and Santino with an arm drag.

Ryder in and Slater turns the tide, bringing in Mahal.

Mahal hits a knee to the gut for a nearfall.

Slater back in and drops him with a right hand. Slater working him in the corner, but Ryder fights out to make the tag to Santino.

Santino with his usual hip toss and diving headbutt combo. Drew McIntyre gets on the apron and distracts Santino, so Slater blows his nose with the Cobra.

Mahal back in with a short burst of offense, but Slater brought back in.

Slater has the side headlock in, but Santino fights out with a side suplex. Slater tags out to Mahal.

Mahal holding a front headlock on Santino, but he tags out to Ryder.

Ryder cleaning house and 3MB looks to be in trouble. Santino tries to get involved as Slater does, but Santino is sent packing to the outside. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Slater. Mahal tries to take advantage by cornering Ryder, but Ryder brings the knees up. McIntyre clubs Ryder with his cast on the apron.

Mahal with a full-nelson slam to win the match for his team.


Recap of the AJ and Cena affair.


R-Truth interviewed.

Josh Mathews asks Little Jimmy how he likes Truth's chances.

Truth says that Josh must be going crazy, as Little Jimmy isn't here. Truth says that he is ready to beat Cesaro tonight and bring the US title back to the US.

Mathews says it is strange Truth would be denying Little Jimmy's existence.

Truth gets upset, telling Mathews that Little Jimmy was in the bathroom. Mathews is forced to apologize to Little Jimmy and Truth lectures Little Jimmy on bathroom etiquette.


Broadcast is live.


Brodus Clay, International Airstrike, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio vs. Tensai, Primo & Epico, and The Prime Time Players

Epico and Kidd open up.

Lockup and Kidd gets the arm wrench. Kidd turns it into a hammerlock. Epico turns it around, but Kidd gets a side headlock. Hip toss from Kidd. The two exchange offense and rollup attempts for nearfalls. Many exchanges of holds. Kidd goes to the apron and tries a boot, but Epico sweeps him onto the mat. Epico with a swanton to the inside.

Gabriel in and he gets a sunset flip for a nearfall.

Epico tries a hip toss, but Gabriel trips him with a leg sweep. Standing moonsault by Gabriel eanrs a nearfall.

Kidd in. Gabriel with a wheel kick that earns Kidd a nearfall.

Mysterio in.

Young brought in soon after. Mysterio with a drop toehold to Young on the turnbuckle. Mysterio with a running kick, tagging out to Sin Cara beforehand.

Double team attack earns Sin Cara a nearfall.

Primo in and Sin Cara using all sorts of flying maneuvers. Sin Cara with a springboard headscissors. Springboard crossbody earns Sin Cara a nearfall.

Primo trying an attack, but Sin Cara flips through for a powerbomb for a nearfall.

Primo tags out to Tensai, who begins to bodyslam Sin Cara multiple times. Tensai working the arm of Sin Cara, then brings in Titus O'Neil.

Titus knocks Sin Cara down, then barks a bit. Titus carries Sin Cara into their corner, then tags in Primo.

Primo stomps on Sin Cara a few times for a nearfall.

Primo with a Camel Clutch in. Sin Cara tries to fight out, but Primo drags him back and Tensai gets the tag again.

Tensai gets eager and tries to clean house on the opposite team, but Brodus Clay rakes the eyes and Brodus is tagged in.

Brodus Clay with a splash in the corner. Titus comes in and Brodus proceeds to clean house. Brawl ensues to leave Brodus and Tensai in the ring.

Tensai ends up eliminating Brodus after a shoulder block.

Titus is tagged in to work with Gabriel. Gabriel getting killed and Tensai brought in.

Tensai goes for a senton splash, but misses. Gabriel rolls him up and eliminates Tensai.

Tensai clobbers Gabriel on the way out, bringing The Prime Time Players for strikes. Young stays in for a bit, but Epico is brought in.

Tiger suplex lands for Epico for a nearfall. He tries to keep control of Gabriel, but Tyson Kidd brought in.

Primo is brought in after Kidd works Epico with flying offense for a little bit. Primo rams Kidd into the barricade on the outside. Primo really stomping Kidd, working him to keep him grounded.

Titus brought back in and he lands a pumphandle slam. He tries to toss Kidd out, but Kidd stays on the apron. He charges, but Tyson pulls down the rope and crotches him on the top rope. Enzuigiri and sunset flip gets Titus eliminated by Kidd.

Darren Young in immediately to stomp on Kidd and take advantage. He locks in a chinlock and brings in Epico.

Epico stomping Kidd. He then unleashes two side suplexes, but Kidd flips out. Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter on Epico. Epico taps out.

Primo immediately in and trying to work the power offense. Side headlock in, but Kidd rolls out. The two exchange an awkward grappling exchange. Primo with a side suplex and goes up top, but Kidd dropkicks him on the way down.

Mysterio in and he starts cleaning house. Mysterio with a huge knockout kick, but Primo is able to kick out.

Mysterio going up top, but Primo meets him and tries a superplex. Mysterio headbutts him down. Seated senton and an arm drag dials Primo up for the 619. Primo ducks away for a Backstabber, but Mysterio holds the ropes. Mysterio with a rollup and he takes Primo out.

Young gets in as the sole survivor of his team. He tries a Gut Check, but Mysterio gets him set for a 619.

Everyone on the team lands their finishers on Young. Mysterio completes it with a diving headbutt to win the match in a dominant fashion.


Kaitlyn walking backstage.

A masked assailant comes to attack her before the match, but Kaitlyn gets the upperhand. She takes the blonde wig and hood off to reveal Aksana.

Eve comes up and asks if she is okay, but Kaitlyn shoves her down.


WWE Divas Championship: Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn throws Eve the wig she brought out with her.

Kaitlyn immediately grounds Eve and starts pounding with strikes, catfight style. Kaitlyn working Eve in the corner. Eve now getting stomped by Kaitlyn. Eve holds on to the ropes, but Kaitlyn picks her up and drops her. Kaitlyn stomping Eve and it moves outside.

Kaitlyn with a kick to the ribs. She slams Eve's face into the announce table. Kaitlyn tosses Eve back in, but Eve moves back outside to try to escape through the crowd. Kaitlyn catches her and slams her into the ring apron.

Back inside, Kaitlyn slamming Eve's head into the mat. Eve holding the ropes, trying to hide from Kaitlyn. Eve with a sidekick and the advantageous offense for a nearfall.

Eve slapping Kaitlyn around. She tosses her into the corner and goes for the rear-naked choke from the top. Eve releases and kicks Kaitlyn down. Elbow drop to the back earns Eve a nearfall.

Eve rolls through and uses the inverted triangle choke. She slams Kaitlyn's face into the mat. Kaitlyn scoots to the bottom rope and finally gets the break. Eve pulls Kaitlyn down by her hair and goes up top. Kaitlyn pushes her to the apron and then to the floor.

Kaitlyn tosses her back inside and Eve begging her for mercy. Kaitlyn responds with a slap to the face. She slings Eve around by her hair. Shoulder block by Kaitlyn. Flapjack. Kaitlyn puts Eve up for a huge gutbuster. Eve kicks out.

Eve grabbing for the apron and won't let go. She kicks Kaitlyn off and goes outside. Kaitlyn goes to the apron and Eve yanks it from under her. Neckbreaker by Eve on the inside.

Eve retains.


Team Foley backstage.

Randy Orton seated as Team Hell No and Miz and Kofi bicker.

Foley enters and silences the group. Foley says that he understands they are strong personalities, but that is what he picked them for. Foley gives them a motivational speech and then tells them to bring it in for a "BANG, BANG!" on three.

Everyone but Orton does it.


WWE United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth

Cesaro talks about what Americans have to be thankful for. A bad economy? Obesity? Never fear, we can be proud in Cesaro being our US champ.

Lockup and Truth gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Truth sent into the ropes, but he gets a sunset flip for a nearfall.

Truth with another rollup for a nearfall.

Cesaro tries a kick and tries to flail punches, but Truth gyrates and knocks Cesaro down. Cesaro in the corner and he hits Truth in the kneecap with a kick. Cesaro working Truth in the corner. Cesaro put in the abdominal stretch on Truth. Truth sent into the corner and Cesaro with a shoulder to the stomach. Bodyslam followed by a jumping stomp to the stomach. Nearfall for Cesaro.

Cesaro with a reverse gut wrench. Truth trying to fight out and gets out with some elbows. He charges Cesaro, but Cesaro with a knee lift to the stomach of Truth. Nearfall for Cesaro.

Cesaro against with the gut wrench and he slams Truth. Karelin throw by Cesaro earns him another nearfall.

Truth fighting back with right hands, He is sent into the ropes, but he rolls Cesaro up for a nearfall.

Uppercut from Cesaro gets a nearfall.

Cesaro again gets the reverse gut wrench. Truth pushed into the corner, but Truth gets a kick to the stomach. He charges out of the corner with a clothesline. Truth sent into the ropes and hits a corkscrew elbow. He charges a cornered Cesaro, but Cesaro with the boot. Truth hits the heel kick for a nearfall.

Cesaro is put up for a suplex, but Truth brings him down on a stunner for another nearfall.

Scissors Kick misses. Cesaro with a kick to the stomach and an uppercut with a little more zest on it. Gotch Neutralizer up and converts.

Cesaro retains.


AJ scandal recapped.


AJ Lee is here.

AJ says Vickie has tried to make her life a living hell because she is a sad, lonely, angry witch. AJ says that Vickie has a secret to hide and that's why she is accusing AJ of doing something dirty.

Vickie comes out and is fired up. She asks AJ who she thinks she is. AJ says that she was minding her business when she got a photo.

Photo of Ricardo Rodriguez and Vickie eating burritos. How classy.

Photo of Vickie eating with Jim Ross and having BBQ sauce on her mouth.

Vickie tells her to keep pushing it.

Photo of Vickie dancing in a swimsuit with Brodus Clay.

These are all photoshopped, by the way. Making it even less funny.

Vickie says that reality won't be slapping her in the face, but she will. AJ says that if Vickie lays a hand on her, she will be fired.

Tamina Snuka attacks AJ from behind. Samoan Drop and a Superfly Splash from Snuka.

Vickie laughing at AJ.


Paul Heyman with Josh Mathews.

Heyman says that no one gives Punk the credit he deserves. He is the 8th longest reigning champion of all-time. He says Punk has been beating Cena over and over while Ryback has been dragging his knuckles across the ring. Punk was also the first to beat Ryback.

He says Punk will be winning tonight, as he is the best of the three.


Recap of what has lead to Sheamus/Big Show.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

The brawl starts immediately. Show takes control and tries to press Sheamus in the corner, but Sheamus using his quickness. Headbutt by Show knocks Sheamus down. Sheamus pulled into a clothesline. Chop to the chest in the corner from Show. Body shot by Show, followed by another chop. Sheamus sent into the corner. Show goes for the spear, but Sheamus takes out the knee. Show gets tied in the ropes and Sheamus with the forearms to the chest.

Show moves to the outside and Sheamus hits a battering ram. Unloading strikes to the downed Show.

Back inside and Sheamus going for the battering ram. Show spears him on the way down.

Back out and Show tosses Sheamus into the steel steps.

Back inside once again and Show stalking Sheamus. Headbutt puts Sheamus down again. Show with a knee to the head. Show with an arm wrench and drops the elbow on his arm. Sheamus slammed into the corner on his chest by Show. Show choking Sheamus with his boot. Sheamus tries a body shot, but Show steps back and he falls flat. Show clubbing the back. Show with a slam and steps on the chest of Sheamus. Sheamus tossed to the apron, but he hits a hangman's neckbreaker. He runs off the ropes and into a boot from Big Show. Show with a jumping elbow drop for a nearfall.

Show clawing with the nervehold. Sheamus unloading right hands and goes off the ropes, but Show catches him for a sidewalk slam. Nearfall for Show.

Show again powering Sheamus. Sheamus trying to fight back, but Show clubs his back. Show dominating here. Sheamus sent into the corner, but Show runs into his boots. Sheamus climbs the corner and gets a sleeper. Show eventually tosses him off. Sheamus with a punch and a knee lift. Punches in the corner and he charges, but Show moves and Sheamus meets the ring post. Final Cut lands for Show, earning a nearfall.

Show going up top, but Sheamus meets him. Sheamus gets under him and hits an electric chair. Crawling for the cover, but he only gets a nearfall.

Both men down. They start exchanging strikes from their knees. Sheamus rams Show into the corner. Running knee lift and Sheamus with a running axhandle. And another. Brogue Kick attempt, but Show ducks under to get the Chokeslam. Sheamus out and hits White Noise. Show barely kicks out.

Sheamus wants the Brogue Kick. Show down and out, but he tosses the referee into the Brogue Kick. Sheamus looking to help out the officials in assisting the knocked out referee.

Show lurks behind. Sheamus gets up and turns into a KO Punch.

Show retains.

Well, the referee changes the decision. Show is DQ'd.

So...Show retains.

Show has some choice words for the referee, but Sheamus comes from behind with a steel chair. Sheamus unloading on the body of Big Show with the chair. Sheamus continuing the beating. Sheamus is angry and he works the legs of Big Show with the chair.

Show begging for mercy. Sheamus tells him to do as much. Sheamus drops the chair and walks away, only to come back with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus playing to the fans. Milking it.

Show crawling his way back to the locker room.


Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler

Kingston and Otunga start. Kofi gets a nearfall to start.

The men share offense and counters. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Otunga moves outside. Kofi up top and he dives on top of Otunga. Otunga inside and Kofi gets a nearfall.

Bryan in. Kick to Otunga. Otunga turns a Bryan whip attempt into a powerslam.

Sandow in and gets the Russian legsweep. Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall. Bryan turns the tide with a clothesline and working Sandow in the corner. Sandow escapes to the outside and wants to head backstage. Kane comes out and gets him.

Kane in. Chokeslam eliminates Sandow.

Kane and Bryan argue. Bryan pushes Kane and Kane sends Bryan outside.

Ziggler with a Zig Zag from behind to eliminate Kane.

A few tags are exchanged on Team Foley and Kofi Kingston brought in. Ziggler goes for a hip toss, but Kofi turns it around for a monkey flip. Nearfall.

Bryan brought back in. Kicks and uppercuts to Ziggler. Ziggler whips Bryan into the ropes and hits a knee lift to the stomach.

Barrett brought in. Barrett muscling Bryan in the corner, unloading body shots. Bryan hits a drop toehold to Barrett in the corner. Bryan going for a running dropkick, but nothing doing. Barrett puts him in the ropes with the Thai clinch. Knees and a cheap shot from ADR.

Barrett works Bryan on the outside with strikes.

Back inside and Barrett gets a nearfall.

Otunga brought in and he spears Bryan for a nearfall.

Bryan turns it into a "YES!" Lock. Otunga taps and he is eliminated.

Del Rio in and stomps Bryan in the head for a nearfall.

Sleeper in for ADR. Bryan goes off the ropes to try to counter, but ADR with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Bryan in the corner and ADR charges, but ADR gets bodydropped to the outside.

Kofi in and landing his springboard forearm. Clothesline follow. Boom Drop land. He wants Trouble in Paradise, but Ziggler distracts him. ADR ducks away and Kofi goes up for the springboard crossbody. Nearfall.

ADR tags out to Barrett. Barrett hits the Winds of Change on Kofi. Bull Hammer ends Kofi's night.

Orton in. He brings the fight to Barrett with strikes. Barrett sent into the corner, but Orton runs into the boots. Barrett tries a suplex, but Orton turns it around for one of his own. Orton with a knee drop for a nearfall.

Orton wrenches the arm and Bryan tags in. Orton mad at Miz for not tagging in. Bryan unloading with kicks on Barrett. He goes up top and hits the missile dropkick. Nearfall for Bryan.

Barrett tags out to ADR. ADR trying to pick up the scraps, but Bryan turns it into a "YES!" Lock attempt. ADR gets out and kicks Bryan in the ribs. Bryan in the corner and a step-up enzuigiri by ADR. Cross Armbreaker in and Bryan taps.

Miz in. Miz sent into the corner, but ADR runs into an elbow. Front headlock in for Miz and he reluctantly tags in Orton.

Orton unloading with strikes. Uppercuts from Orton and a few stomps. Headbutt and stomps earn Orton a nearfall.

Del Rio turns the tide with a few kicks. Armbreaker lands for a nearfall and ADR tags out to Ziggler.

Ziggler does the jumping elbow for a nearfall.

Ziggler locks in the sleeper, but Orton fights out with body shots. Ziggler sent off the ropes, but Orton presses him into the air. Both men down.

Miz and Barrett in. Miz cleaning house here. Miz landing strikes in the corner. Running seated clothesline. Miz going up top, but he has time to get Ziggler outside. Barrett on the inside and he sends Miz off the ropes. Miz locks in a Skull-Crushing Finale, but Barrett out. He tries a Wasteland, but Miz turns it into a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Barrett gone.

Ziggler and Del Rio versus Orton and Miz.

Miz trying to work Del Rio in the corner. Knocks him down and goes for the running clothesline, but he crotches himself. Del Rio with the enzuigiri to the back of the head for a pinfall.

Miz out.

Orton in and the two exchange strikes. Orton gets the advantage and clocks Ziggler, but Del Rio uses this to put Orton down for a nearfall.

Del Rio tags out to Ziggler. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for a nearfall.

ADR back in. He jumps and stomps on Orton. ADR up top, but he eats a dropkick from Orton on the way down. Orton rolling, but Ricardo gets up on the apron. Orton puts him down and Foley drops him with a punch. Mandible Claw in on Ricardo.

Inside, Orton setting up an RKO on Del Rio, but Ziggler runs in. He dropkicks Del Rio by accident. Orton sends Ziggler into the corner. Del Rio with a sidekick and Cross Armbreaker attempt.

Orton with an RKO!

Del Rio is gone.

Viper is coiled for Ziggler. Ziggler holds the ropes and hits a Zig Zag. Nearfall for Ziggler.

Orton turns the tide and puts Ziggler on the apron. Rope-assisted DDT by Orton. Viper is coiled. Orton gets up and wants to move into a new move. He goes back to the corner and wants the punt. Orton running in, but Ziggler leaps up and gets a Superkick.

Ziggler wins it for his team.


Recap of the events leading to Cena/Ryback/Punk.


WWE Champion: CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. Ryback

Punk immediately leaves the ring and Cena chases him down. Punk goes back in and out and Ryback chases him. Cena punches Punk and they go in the corner. Ryback tosses Cena out of the way and the two stare down. Punk kicks Cena into Ryback. Ryback boots Punk in the face after Punk unloads with forearms. Ryback slams Punk's head into the mat and he is sent outside.

Cena and Ryback locking up. Cena gets the side headlock. Shoulder bump by Cena. Cena puts him up for the AA, but Ryback gets out and lands a shoulder block. He sends Cena hard into the corner. Cena hurt and rolls outside.

Punk with a sneak attack on Ryback. Punk with a suplex on Ryback and he showboats. Ryback hits a fallaway slam that sends Punk outside.

Ryback gets slammed by Cena for a nearfall.

Cena and Ryback locking up and jocking for position, but Punk comes and hits Ryback in the back of the head with an axhandle. Cena on the apron and Punk with a discus forearm.

Ryback and Punk again at it. Punk puts him down with a kick and showboats, but Cena comes in with a rollup for the nearfall.

Punk locks in a chancery, but Ryback comes in and hits a running powerslam. Cena with a bodyslam on Ryback and wants the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Ryback gets right back up and the two exchange strikes. Cena hits a shoulder block. Punk trips Cena up to the outside and gets to toss him into the steel steps.

Punk hits a hangman's neckbreaker and goes up top. He hits a springboard clothesline to put Ryback down for a nearfall.

Punk locks in the sleeper, but Ryback sends him into the ropes. Shoulder block. Back bodydrop and spinebuster follow. Ryback hits the Meathook Clothesline.

Ryback has Punk up for the Shell Shocked, but Cena takes him down from behind and gets the STF. Ryback fighting the hold. Punk up top behind them and lands an elbow drop to the neck of Cena.

Punk wants a GTS, but Cena gets out. The two exchange strikes in the middle of the ring, but Ryback comes through with a double clothesline. He sends both men outside.

Ryback wants a Shell Shocked on both men on the outside. Both men beat him down with strikes. Ryback down. Punk and Cena clear off the table together and set up for a double suplex. Ryback suplexed through the announce table.

Cena and Punk meet in the ring. Cena with the shoulder tackles. Side slam. Five Knuckle Shuffle lands. Cena going for the AA. Punk turns it around and gets the GTS. Punk with the nearfall.

Cena puts Punk up and hits the AA. Cena with the nearfall.

Punk with a leg kick as both men get up. Punk unloading with all sorts of kicks. Cena gets the leg and wants an STF. Punk kicks him into the corner and gets up. Flying knee lands. Running bulldog attempt turns into an STF for Cena. Punk about to tap, but Ryback takes Cena out.

Meathook Clothesline on Punk. Shell Shocked lands. Cena saves it.

Cena gets hit with the Shell Shocked.

AND NXT STARS COME TO TAKE OUT RYBACK. They suplex Ryback through the announce table. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins have attacked.

Oh, no!

Punk climbs in and gets the pin.

Punk retains.

Punk making his way up the entrance slowly, telling the world he is the best in the world.

Fade to black.


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