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CM Punk vs. The Rock or Steve Austin? He prefers Stone Cold

CM Punk is probably wrestling The Rock at the Royal Rumble early next year. But would he rather have a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Ed Webster

When asked by Brian Soscia who he would rather have a match with, The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE Champion CM Punk responded with the following:

"I get to punch them in the face? And who are my choices? I think CM Punk vs. Steve Austin is the bigger match."

That's a perfectly diplomatic answer and honest to boot. Whether it's true or not is another matter altogether.

We'll know for certain how big a match Punk vs. The Rock is if and when the two settle up at the Royal Rumble early next year as current plans call for them to. The booking has remained consistent with that being the case, despite many ups and downs over the past few months, so there's good reason to believe that's what we'll get.

As for Austin, there's still doubt as to whether or not he'll actually return for one more match but if he does, it's widely believed it would be for a showdown against Punk.

We'll see.

In the meantime, feel free to debate which match would be bigger: Punk vs. Rock or Punk vs. Austin?

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