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Happy Halloween! WWE names the 31 scariest superstars in history

Who are the 31 scariest superstars in WWE history? The promotion itself lists them off and of course we're going to break it down for you.

Steve Wright Jr. at Wikimedia Commons

It's Halloween and that means our favorite pro wrestling promotion would bust out the old countdown gimmick for another list, this one revolving around the scariest superstars in history.

The top 31 to be exact. Why that many? Because Oct. 31, of course.

On to the list, courtesy of

31. The Sinister Minister
30. The Wild Samoans
29. Bull Nakano
28. Nailz
27. Mad Dog Vachon
26. Vampiro
25. The Great Kabuki
24. Pampero Firpo
23. Doink the Clown
22. Kevin Thorne and Ariel
21. Tor Johnson
20. Kamala
19. Ox Baker
18. Sycho Sid
17. The Missing Link
16. Vader
15. Scary Sherri
14. King Curtis Iaukea
13. Gangrel
12. Andre the Giant
11. The Original Sheik
10. Paul Bearer
9. Luna Vachon
8. Papa Shango
7. "The French Angel" Maurice Tillet
6. Kevin Sullivan
5. Kane
4. Abdullah the Butcher
3. The Boogeyman
2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
1. Undertaker

Thoughts on the list?

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