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WWE Hell in a Cell results: Dolph Ziggler explains why he didn't cash in Money in the Bank briefcase

Heading into the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event, Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler promised to cash in his contract for a guaranteed world heavyweight championship match. But he never did that. So why not?


Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Dolph Ziggler, had promised he would be cashing in his contract for a world heavyweight championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell, which took place last night (Sun., Oct. 28, 2012) in Atlanta, Georgia. Most thought if it were to happen, it would come immediately following a Big Show title victory over Sheamus, the champion headed into the show.

Well, Show did win the belt after a hard fought match but as he was celebrating, there was nothing but silence. Sure, he was getting some heat and maybe a few cheers but everyone was expecting Ziggler's music to hit.

It never did.

That led some over-imaginative fantasy bookers to wonder if the Zigster would actually cash in on CM Punk later in the night, terms of the contract be damned. That never happened either, of course, and we were left to wonder what the deal was.

Thankfully, caught up with Ziggler for a kayfabe interview to get his storyline explanation:

"People promise a lot of things. Listen, I'm Dolph Ziggler, I'm Mr. Money in the Bank. I have this contract for any time I want. I'm not a dummy like John Cena where I'm going to announce to the world when I'm going to cash it in. I do this when I want. Now there's a brand new champion, Big Show, and he has to look over his shoulder every single living minute of his day. I do what I want when I want and anyone who believed me is a sheep like everyone else. Later."

That isn't saying much and really, it will likely only fuel the fire of speculation that Ziggler is headed for a feud with Cena instead of anything involving the champion over on SmackDown. It makes sense, what with Cena embroiled in a heated dispute with Vickie Guerrero, Ziggler's manager, over an alleged affair with AJ Lee on Raw but it means more waiting around for Dolph fans for his inevitable cash-in.


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