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WWE 'Hell in a Cell' Preview: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio will square off in a match for pride, ego, revenge, and perhaps the chance to be next in line for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The road to Hell in a Cell

Orton's and Del Rio's paths have only crossed recently, but they have made up for their lack of history with a fierce hatred. Orton was scheduled to face The Big Show in a No.1 Contender's Match on the Sept. 28 episode of SmackDown. Del Rio, upset that he would not be getting another chance to challenge Sheamus for the title, took out his aggression by attacking Orton backstage. Orton tried his best to tough it out, but the sneak attack proved too much to overcome. Show would go on to win the match with a KO Punch. Del Rio would come out after the show faded to black and deliver yet another beat down, this one putting Orton out of commission for a few weeks.

"The Mexican Aristocrat" used the absence to crown himself "The New Apex Predator." Orton, understandably, did not take too kindly to this type of behavior. He came back with a vengeance on the Oct. 12 episode of SmackDown, attacking Del Rio and RKO'ing his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio would prove to have a few tricks up his own sleeve, though, twice distracting Orton, so Wade Barrett could get the jump on "The Viper" on Friday's (Oct. 26) SmackDown.

Orton has promised to extract his revenge tonight in what surely will be an intense fight between two of the top WWE Superstars.

What's at stake?

While this match is not officially a No.1 Contenders Match, the winner here will be in the best position to challenge the holder of the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio has received multiple championship opportunities, each time coming up short. He keeps winning matches, though, and no one else has stepped up as a more worthy contender. Orton, on the other hand, has been away from the title picture for far too long. He is determined to fight his way into back title contention. A win here will give his stock the boost it desperately needs.

Watch Hell in a Cell tonight to find out who truly deserves the title of "Apex Predator."

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