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WWE 'Hell in a Cell' Preview: Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars for the WWE Tag Team Championships

WWE Tag Team Championships: Team Hell No (c) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

In a battle between intellect and dysfunction, we will see the WWE Tag Team Championships up for grabs as the reigning, defending champions Team Hell No take on Team Rhodes Scholars.

The road to Hell in a Cell

Believe it or not, Kane and Daniel Bryan have not always been the lovely tag team that graces our television screens each week. In fact, the two were locked in competition for a few months prior to becoming a team.

The team was initially involved in a three-man race for the heart of former WWE Raw General Manager AJ Lee, with WWE Champion CM Punk being the other competition involved. This lead to a series of heated matches between Punk and Bryan, with Bryan falling short each time.

Unfortunately, Bryan also fell short on his proposal to AJ Lee. She ultimately spurned him for the aforementioned GM slot, leaving Bryan at the altar on the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw. She also denied Bryan's attempt to make a trilogy with CM Punk, instead opting for him to face Kane at Summerslam.

Bryan won the match, but his anger from being left at the altar built so much to the point that AJ enrolled Bryan in anger management classes with Dr. Shelby. The two eventually were set to have a "Hug it Out" match, in which the two did indeed hug it out.

And the legend was born, as the team worked their way up to a title shot at Night of Champions. It was there that the dysfunctional group bested Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to become champions. Since then, it has been smooth, dysfunctional sailing.

Their opposition formed in lieu of their disgust with Team Hell No. Rhodes and Sandow were laughing at the team having an argument backstage, where Team Hell No then challenged the group. They had a match that culminated in a DQ victory for Team Hell No after Rhodes clobbered Kane with a chair.

While running rampant on the midcard of the WWE roster, the group was entered in a Tag Team Championship tournament. After defeating the likes of The Usos and Team CoBro of Santino Marella and Zack Ryder, the group took on Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in the finals.

Team Rhodes Scholars took home the win and here we are.

What's at stake?

For Team Hell No, their gold that silences all the questions about their camaraderie is on the line. However, this could potentially make or break the partnership between the two. A loss here could put even bigger cracks in the unstable foundation of this team.

For Team Rhodes Scholars, this would mark a huge achievement in their meteoric rise in the WWE. The two have come into the Tag Team division and made an immediate impact, clinching contender status in only a few weeks. A win here would act as validation for the hype behind this team.

Tonight will serve as an interesting catalyst for the future of the WWE tag team scene. Team Hell No could still be an unconventional monster, but their standing could be usurped by the intellect of Team Rhodes Scholars.

Join us tonight in watching Hell in a Cell to find out!

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