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Booker T: Dolph Ziggler needs to be more selfish in the ring to get over

Here's a new and interesting theory, put forth by Booker T, on why Dolph Ziggler has failed to really get over as a top star in WWE -- he's not selfish enough.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Dolph Ziggler is many things. He's one of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster, he's the Money in the Bank briefcase holder, he's unselfish inside the ring, he's a show off, he's a hell of an athlete, and he's completely dedicated to his craft.

All of the above will go a long way towards making him one of the biggest stars in pro wrestling today. Except one, at least according to Booker T in a recent interview with PWTorch.

"He needs to start thinking about himself a whole lot more. He thinks about the other guy he's in the ring with way too much. ... One thing I tell him is he has to be more selfish (in the ring). Until he starts doing that, he's not going to get over like he should."

That's an interesting observation from a wrestler who's worked his way up from the bottom of the business to the top over a ridiculously long career. It took him a quite to go from a successful tag team wrestler to a singles star, so perhaps his opinion is worth taking into account on this matter.

Above that, he's right. Ziggler being so selfless works wonders for his opponents but it does absolutely nothing for him. And considering he's the heel and has been for years, he's usually the one setting the pace for his matches. His outstanding selling is a big part of his appeal but at what point does it become a detriment to his success?

It may have already happened. In fact, Ziggler is most often compared to Mr. Perfect, an incredibly gifted wrestler who possessed many of the same qualities (not to mention a similar look) but never really sniffed the main event scene as a serious potential world champion.

Is Ziggler doomed to a career of the same? Or will he be able to turn it around by taking Booker's advice and getting a little more selfish?

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