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USA airing three straight nights of WWE programming in December

You think there's a lot of WWE programming each week now? Just wait until this December, when USA will be running what its calling "WWE Week" with three consecutive nights of multiple hour programming.

Michael N. Todaro

Get ready to get tested as a pro wrestling fan. Hell, get ready to get tested as a television viewer.

USA is planning to run a "WWE Week" in December of this year. It starts with Monday Night Raw on Dec. 17, then the channel will air a special edition of Tuesday Night SmackDown on the 18th before airing a taped Tribute to the Troops special on the 19th.

For those wondering, SyFy will air SmackDown that Friday night in its usual time slot.

That's three straight nights of WWE programming, seven hours total. That's without even factoring in Main Event, which is also scheduled to run on Ion Television on the 19th in its usual slot.

To top it all off, this all starts the day after the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) in Brooklyn, New York.

So here's what the schedule looks like for that week:

Sun., Dec. 16: TLC (PPV)
Mon., Dec. 17: Monday Night Raw (USA)
Tues., Dec. 18: Tuesday Night SmackDown (USA)
Wed., Dec. 19: Tribute to the Troops (USA), Main Event (Ion Television)
Thurs., Dec. 20: SuperStars (
Fri., Dec. 21: Friday Night SmackDown (SyFy)

Can you handle it?

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