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WWE SummerSlam 2016

Lesnar, Jericho reportedly get into scuffle backstage at SummerSlam

There was a shoot situation at SummerSlam, but it happened behind the curtain.

Cena has lost 6 consecutive matches at SummerSlam


Balor gets his custom side plates on the Universal title

Assuming, of course, he’s not too injured to hold onto it.

cSc Nomination Thread: Best of Summerslam 2016

What was the best moment from last night’s Summerslam? You’ll decide for this latest Cageside Countdown.

Brock Lesnar will not be at Raw

The angle would seem to merit it, and the show being in the same building two nights in a row would make it easy to pull off, but reports say it’s not happening.

Sasha Banks comments on...

There are several ways to interpret a Tweet the Boss sent out in the wake of a very eventful Sunday in her life/career.

How predictable was WWE SummerSlam 2016?

Let's break down the results of the Cageside Seats staff predictions for WWE SummerSlam 2016.

Goldberg apologizes for missing SummerSlam, deals with angry fans on Twitter

The rumors didn’t come true, and some folks weren’t happy about that.

Smart crowds are often complete idiots

To be a fan of a product means putting yourself on the back burner and allowing for the possibility for those you paid to see to entertain you. What we saw this weekend in Brooklyn, and likely will again tonight, is incredibly tiresome.

Watch Randy Orton get his head stapled

Pretty self-explanatory, methinks.

CSL! The 'Well, that escalated quickly' edition

We're back! And ready to discuss a polarizing PPV. Did Brock Lesnar go a-shooting? Is everyone hurt? And most importantly... was Brooklyn as good as Brooklyn?


The actual pic Kevin Nash Tweeted is inside, and hyperbole aside, it is pretty nasty.

Finn Bálor is injured, unless he's not

A report says he suffered a potentially serious shoulder injury at SummerSlam, but you can also watch him appear on Good Morning America with no signs of it. Here’s what we know.

SummerSlam video highlights are here!

In case you wanted to see the unveiling of the Universal championship, Nikki Bella's return, and more from SummerSlam.

Seth Rollins disappointed by SummerSlam crowd: ‘You really let me down tonight, Brooklyn’

This will definitely stir up the good/bad wrestling crowd debate.

Rumor Roundup: Sasha injury, SummerSlam ending, NXT call-ups

Why did Banks drop the Women’s title? How much of the end of Sunday’s PPV was planned? Who’s leaving, and arriving in, NXT? Possible answers to these questions and more in today's Rumor Roundup!

SummerSlam recap & reactions: All red everything

WWE's latest PPV showcase featured a lot of red -- blood in the Brock Lesnar-Randy Orton match, the new Universal title coloring, and an update on an exhausted and anxious Eva Marie.

Nikki Bella confirms she’s a SmackDown Superstar

The Total Diva talks about her return to the ring, and her plans for the Women’s Division on her new Tuesday night home, in a post-SummerSlam chat with Charly Caruso.

WWE issues injury update on Randy Orton

The Viper’s cut required 10 staples to close. We’re still awaiting details about other injuries, and the ramifications (shoot or kayfabe) of Brock Lesnar’s actions to close SummerSlam.

What was 'Match of the Night' at SummerSlam?

Come vote in our poll right here!


Brock Lesnar hurt Randy Orton. He hurt him bad.

Unhinged Roman Reigns ‘breaks’ Rusev’s ribs

No United States title match, but a scary side of the Big Dog... and still no luck defending Lana’s honor for the champ.

Finn Balor is your Universal champion

Even God's Last Gift couldn't save Seth Rollins.

Featured Fanshot



Raw’s Universal title is here

And it’s really red.

Nikki Bella returns to fill in for ‘exhausted’ Eva Marie

It’s your fault the Red Queen couldn’t be here, but C’MON NIKKI!

Ambrose emphatically beats Ziggler

There was never any doubt in this one.

Big E returns to save Jon Stewart’s balls & New Day’s titles

But thanks to a DQ finish, Drs. Anderson & Gallows have a right to another shot at the tag belts.

AJ Styles beats up John Cena

Yet another strong match but the bad guy won this time.

Maryse distracts, Miz retains

And Apollo Crews’ Intercontinental title dreams are crushed.


Sasha Banks just lost the women's championship to Charlotte. That just happened.

JeriKO ruin Enzo & Cass’ big New York moment

How you doin? Not great, since the Canadians just took them down to start SummerSlam.


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