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WWE SmackDown

Rumor Roundup: WWE mass layoffs, Dana Warrior fired, The Rock, Cargill, more!

The latest rumors, including over 100 WWE employees fired during mass layoffs, Dana Warrior is gone, The Rock’s return to WWE, AEW is moving to Max and expanding its PPV schedule, Jade Cargill leaving AEW, Ryback smells like meat, and more!

The Rock returns to WWE at SmackDown in Denver

Oh hey, Pat McAfee returned too. It was one hell of a fun segment.

SmackDown results, live blog: John Cena returns

Follow along with this week’s episode of SmackDown on FOX, featuring John Cena’s return as a guest on the Grayson Waller Effect, LA Knight vs. The Miz, and more!

Nick Khan explains why LA Knight isn’t the next John Cena

Because there’s only one John Cena, and there’s never a ‘next’ anybody. WWE is excited about the Megastar because he’s the one and only LA Knight (YEAH).

WWE adds to what’s shaping up to be a pretty loaded SmackDown

Sept. 15’s episode already had John Cena and LA Knight segments lined up. Now they’ve added Finn Bálor vs. AJ Styles and Asuka vs. Bayley.

WWE talent cuts reportedly not planned for today

The rumored releases coming for contractors on Raw, SmackDown & NXT will apparently not coincide with the layoffs hitting office staff on Sept. 15.

Sounds like Roman will go three months without defending his title

Reigns’ last defense was at SummerSlam, and a new report says his next won’t be until Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4.

WWE might already be planning a title match between LA Knight and Roman Reigns

The part-time WWE Universal champion just has to return to TV to make it happen.

Rumor Roundup: Major WWE talent cuts, Jade Cargill leaving AEW, Elias, more!

The latest rumors, including major WWE and NXT roster cuts on the way, Jade Cargill leaving AEW to sign with WWE, new title schemes coming to WWE, Elias is without a professional contract, and more!

Nick Khan wishes Stephanie McMahon never resigned from WWE

And then Bill Simmons makes things very awkward with a joke about an affair with Andrew "Test" Martin, who died over a decade ago.

Roman Reigns loses the top spot in the PWI 500 to another member of The Shield

Roman’s part-time status means he’s no longer the best wrestler in the world.

Rumor Roundup: Roman Reigns/Royal Rumble, Mandy Rose, AEW ticket woes, more!

The latest rumors, including the lack of acknowledgement in WWE’s promotional material for next year’s Rumble has folks talking, a former NXT Women’s champ teases a comeback, BOGO Grand Slam tix, Matt Riddle’s illness, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WWE TV rights deals, Vince McMahon, Nia Jax return, more!

The latest rumors, including talk on WWE television rights deals, if Vince McMahon is back in charge, more on Nia Jax’s return, and more!

Endeavor leaders: WWE media rights talks happening with ‘all the platforms’

Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro are also in charge of the new TKO Holdings Group, the launch of which has them on the press circuit answering questions about Raw and SmackDown’s next homes — which could be on TV, streaming, or both.

Report: LA Knight and WWE ‘far apart on money as of now’ in contract negotiations

There’s no reason to be concerned just yet, though.

Without Reigns or Cena, SmackDown did its lowest rating on FOX since May

Sept. 8 did have Payback fallout, but without a big WWE Superstar on the episode its numbers dropped back down to earth.

Current WWE factions, ranked

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The battle for top faction is getting interesting

It's the latest WWE tag team power rankings!

Thank you, Becky & Trish

Their WWE Payback Steel Cage match overshadowed a lackluster feud, and helped them edge out new AEW Women’s champ Saraya in our latest Community Wrestler Rankings. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

Austin Theory isn’t the star WWE thought he was

Now that Austin Theory is no longer a champion, his job is to put over a real rising star in WWE.

Pretty Deadly return to SmackDown, are nearly ready to tag back in

The rising WWE tag stars have been off television since Elton Prince suffered a shoulder injury in July.

LA Knight got in a shot at Kevin Nash on SmackDown this week

That and all the other videos from SmackDown this week right here.

Rumor Roundup: Reaction to Punk’s firing, McIntyre contract, Ryback scam, more!

The latest rumors, including some AEW stars upset about CM Punk being fired, WWE’s interest in bringing Punk back, WWE added time to Drew McIntyre’s contract, Gable Steveson is officially removed from the NXT roster, Ryback scammed out of thousands of dollars, and more!

SmackDown recap & reactions: Faction warfare

Things are heating up on the blue brand in what looks like a growing power struggle between factions.

WWE sets up John Cena’s next move, Iyo Sky title match for SmackDown

The next couple weeks on the blue brand will feature a couple of big matches, and more John Cena.

SmackDown results, live blog: Styles vs. Uso

Follow along with this week’s episode of SmackDown on FOX, featuring AJ Styles vs. Jimmy Uso, Shotzi & Charlotte Flair vs. Damage CTRL, and more!

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The Cost of the Bloodline

WWE's investment of time and energy into the saga of Roman Reigns & his family comes at a price.

WWE said to have multiple reasons for planned LA Knight ‘megapush’

It’s not just live crowds the Megastar is popping.

This is how Cody Rhodes gets his rematch against Roman Reigns

It looks like Cody used his political stroke to put it all into motion.

Rumor Roundup: WWE contract talks, Punk altercation, Great Khali return, more!

The latest rumors, including WWE contracts are up for several wrestlers, CM Punk’s backstage altercation with William Regal, Bryan Danielson is a Collision guy, WWE legends deal, The Great Khali returning, and more!

Report: WWE is close to signing LA Knight to a long-term deal

It’s a big turnaround for the megastar, who was stuck in a dead end gimmick as a manager of male models one year ago.

Rumor Roundup: Becky Lynch issue, Breakker/Wagner NXT concern, Wyatt 6, more!

The latest rumors, including why The Man won’t be at WWE Superstar Spectacle, Tuesday night’s closing angle getting a little too real, an indication there was a faction being planned for Bray last year, and more!


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