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The New Day reassess their love of Baron Corbin after he stole Big E’s briefcase

Like many of us, The New Day are big fans of Baron Corbin’s fall from grace. The trio talked about their love of bum ass Corbs during the latest episode of their Feel The Power podcast.

Xavier Woods called Corbin “the best thing in wrestling right now,” and said ”I am highly sports entertained every time I see this man.” They also fantasy booked a match for the former King, pitching he go against their favorite meaty man Goldberg with a million dollars on the line at WrestleMania.

It’s wholesome stuff! But as a reluctant private investigator from Southern California once said, “new shit has come to light.”

This episode was recorded before Corbin rushed Big E and stole his Money in the Bank briefcase last Friday on SmackDown. Woods & E haven’t commented yet, but Kofi is shocked. Shocked, I say!


Yeah, I think BC’s fallen slightly down New Day’s sports entertainment power rankings.

We’ll see where he ranks after E has a chance to respond to the briefcase theft on this week’s SmackDown.

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