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Kevin Owens issuing `Face of America Open Challenge’ on SmackDown Live

The United States Champion and proud Canadian wants to prove he’s better than all the people the title represents.

Kevin Owens is WWE’s United States Champion, and that belt — and Owens — are now on SmackDown Live. In his first real act on the blue brand, outside of declaring that it was now the “Kevin Owens Show,” Owens will issue an open challenge... for America.

No, really. announced in their preview of this week’s SmackDown that Owens will declare the start of the “Face of America Open Challenge.” Is it a rib on known-Owens rival John Cena and his United States Open Challenge, maybe featuring some local talent for Owens to easily dispatch of? Is it an actual title opportunity for a legitimate wrestler — likely one from America, given where Owens’ attention is currently directed?

Or maybe it’s a mix between the two, where Owens doesn’t put his title on the line, which allows someone — maybe a debuting or recent SmackDown acquisition — to pick up a surprise victory and further cloud the United States Championship picture while the Tuesday show waits to see who will be victorious at Payback, Chris Jericho or the current champ, Owens.

Got all that? It’s not confusing so much as intriguing, but hey, seeing what’s up is one more reason to tune in this Tuesday.

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