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SmackDown to make history on Jan. 17 when Alexa Bliss defends her title against Becky Lynch in a steel cage

With one or more Las Luchadoras running around and interfering in Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch’s recent matches, SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan has a solution - and it’s one that will put Team Blue in the record books.

Since it’s virtually impossible to solve a mystery like who’s under the Luchadora mask - even Bliss couldn’t crack the case when she went “undercover” last week - Bryan has booked another Women’s title match between Alexa and Becky. To ensure the mysterious red & blue-clad wrestler, or anyone else, can’t interfere, Lynch’s next attempt to reclaim the belt will happen inside a steel cage.

It’ll be a first for SmackDown and, as long as we count Hell in a Cell as a different type of match, for WWE, as well.

The reigning champ was not thrilled...

But in case the fist-pumping in that GIF didn’t make it clear, a certain Lasskicker is...

What’s your reaction, Cagesiders?

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