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James Ellsworth costs Dean Ambrose a second title in three days as Miz retains his Intercontinental championship on SmackDown

Dean Ambrose earned an Intercontinental title shot in the main event of SmackDown tonight (Dec. 6) after being the butt of a (pretty awesome) gag from the champ on Miz TV. Miz offered the Lunatic Fringe the first ever Miz TV Participation Award for “trying” to win the World championship at TLC, and Dean suggested he “try” shoving the framed certificate down the A-Lister’s throat.

As a reward for restraining from inserting the award in Miz’s moneymaker, General Manager Daniel Bryan booked a match between the pair... and with the support of the Houston crowd, put the strap Miz just retained in his ladder match with Dolph Ziggler on Sunday on the line.

Both men were weary from their matches at the Dec. 2 pay-per-view (PPV), but put on a solid match. Miz worked Ambrose’s leg in between mocking Bryan’s signature moves, but a Figure-4 couldn’t end it when Dean reached the ropes.

Ambrose’s comeback looked like it would culminate with an elbow from the top rope, but as with many Intercontinental title matches, Maryse got involved. Mrs. Mizanin pushed Dean so he fell and crotched himself on the top turnbuckle, but a Baisuke Knee from the champ only got two.

Enter James Ellsworth.

The Chinless Wonder was there to explain to the referee about Maryse’s interference, but only distracted him while Ambrose had Miz pinned with an inside cradle. When Dean saw his former sidekick, he became distacted, and ate a Skull-Crushing Finale, taking the loss.

For the second time in three days, James Ellsworth has cost Dean Ambrose a championship.

And Miz’s Intercontinental title reunion tour rolls on.