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Undertaker said to be ‘limping pretty badly’ at Raw taping in Austin

WWE is in Texas, and the Phenom himself already announced he was back for more than just WrestleMania this time around, so when Undertaker shows up for Raw in Austin the night before SmackDown is going to be in Houston, there’s understandably going to be talk.

Here’s some fan reporting, via WrestlingInc, to consider as you speculate/fantasy book - consideration of which may lead to you tamping down your expectations of what to expect from the Dead Man shoud he show up on USA Network tonight... or anywhere in the near future.

According to folks who saw him, including taking this picture of him walking around with executive & producer Kevin Dunn, the future Hall of Famer was “limping pretty badly”.

Taker reportedly underwent hip surgery a few months back and was seen using crutches to walk around in October. The crutches weren’t present when he showed up for a photo op with the NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers later that month, but there also wasn’t video of him moving around. He of course made his way to and from the ring during SmackDown’s 900th episode on Nov. 15, but moving fast has never been a feature of his iconic entrance.

So, if these reports are accurate (or Taker’s not working the amateur paparazzi with a slow stroll to throw off our guesses about when he’ll next wrestle) - should we be expecting to see him in a match before WrestleMania 33?

We don’t have a ton of information about what kind of procedure he underwent which led to the crutches, so it’s impossible to know even an estimate of recovery time.

We do know he’s 51 years old and has been a pro wrestler for most of his life, so...

Stay tuned.

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