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Is WWE finally going to book Bray Wyatt as a powerful, terrifying character?

Personally, I didn’t love the opening match at TLC (you can let us know what you thought of it in Cain A. Knight’s “Cageside Community Star Rankings” series here), but the ending was certainly satisfying.

After more than three years on the main roster, Bray Wyatt has finally captured a WWE title.

That after all that time, the moment came on ‘B’ pay-per-view (PPV), after he was partnered with an ‘A’ list Superstar, has some wondering if this is really a change in how the company will book the Eater of Worlds. After all, he’s lost pretty much every high-profile feud he’s been in (flip side of that argument... he’s been in A LOT of high-profile feuds) and WWE has either failed to understand the cult leader character or been afraid to do much with him in their current PG environment.

And a 45 second YouTube production probably doesn’t tell us anything, but combined with the way commentary was putting over the alliance of Bray, Luke Harper & Randy Orton as being the most unstoppable force this side of Braun Strowman on last night’s broadcast, the above video has me feeling cautiously optimistic that SmackDown might finally pick up things up where they left off when the Family left NXT in the Summer of 2013.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is it time to...


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