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This Dean Ambrose response to a question about Renee Young smacking Miz was pretty much perfect

During SmackDown last night (Dec. 27), Dean Ambrose dressed like a security guard as a way to get his hands on Intercontinental champ The Miz after the A-Lister refused to come out of his dressing room to speak to anyone other than Renee Young.

Young, as you’ll no doubt recall, slapped the taste out of Miz’s mouth on Dec. 20 when, in a post-match interview, he responded to her question about his being obsessed with Ambrose by bringing up Renee & Dean’s romantic relationship and sex life.

The backstage beatdown was a solid way to advance the angle, but it really had no bearing on what Miz said to Renee, since nothing changed between them after Young expressed her lack of regret for her actions, and Dean already wanted to kick the IC champ’s ass even before anything went down with his lady friend. If anything, it teased a showdown between Young and Maryse, who needed to be “babe”-ed about sixteen times by her husband to prevent some Canadian-on-Canadian violence (see those segments in our SmackDown playlist here).

On Talking Smack, however, Ambrose was asked point blank by JBL about Miz’s comment and the slap which followed. You can see the full version of his answer above, but the important part is right at the beginning:

JBL: Your girlfriend, Renee, slapping Miz last week... did you think that was inappropriate? What is your response to that?

DA: Why would that be inappropriate? I’m not her dad. She can do what she wants.

Nailed it.

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