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Alexa Bliss, Carmella among SmackDown stars making their Madison Square Garden debuts for WWE tonight (Dec. 26)

Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden will always be a special place for WWE.

It’s the building where they ran all their biggest matches back when it was called the WWWF, with New York City being the center of Vince McMahon, Sr.’s territory. And it was where Vincent Kennedy McMahon put on a little show called WrestleMania that changed the business in the midst of his efforts to consolidate the territories and essentially take over the business.

The Garden is also just an iconic venue, making almost any game or show happening there a little more special than it would be otherwise.

WWE returns there this evening for their annual winter holiday visit. And since we’re in the new brand split era, with Raw broadcasting from Chicago, the SmackDown roster gets the honor of working MSG.

For several of the talents just called up to the main roster with July’s draft, that means this is their first time performing in the Garden.

In addition to ‘mella, Alexa Bliss is also making her first Garden appearance, per several other internet outlets. As far as I can tell, this will also be the first time working the building as WWE Superstars for Chad Gable & Jason Jordan, and possibly a few others.

Congrats on making it onto one of the most important stages for WWE!

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