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SmackDown Women’s champ Alexa Bliss finally has her first WWE shirt

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It had overtaken “why is there always $#!+ on the back?” as the number one complaint about WWE Shop’s t-shirt selection.

“Where the #$%& is the Alexa Bliss merch?”

The absence became especially glaring once Bliss defeated Becky Lynch at TLC to become the second-ever to hold the SmackDown Women’s championship. While some theorized that perhaps the blue brand’s Wicked Witch was adhering to Chris Jericho’s old philosophy that heels shouldn’t sell gear, Bliss herself teased big news on Twitter earlier this week.

And the DC Extended Universe Suicide Squad-y look of that message was a good lead-in to a design that doesn’t shy away from the Harley Quinn influence on Alexa’s current character...

The representation of the champ on the front of the shirt not only looks like Margot Robbie’s version of Harley, it looks like it could’ve been drawn by Quinn’s co-creator, Bruce Timm.

And while it does have “$#!+ on the back”, it’s just a logo... and one that features an angry, pigtailed cupcake glaring at whoever’s walking behind you... so who could get mad at that?

I imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot of these at wrestling shows all over the globe.

Get yours here.

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