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James Ellsworth doesn’t know what he’ll be doing on SmackDown until he shows up each Tuesday

Here’s another interesting quote from SmackDown’s Survivor Series team mascot and everybody’s favorite zero chin, two fisted underdog.

This also comes from his interview with The Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling, which is full of examples of James Ellsworth’s humble approach to his surprising run in the blue brand’s main event. When asked about a possible future shot at the WWE World title, Ellsworth said: be honest with you I don't know what's going on with me either and I like it that way. To watch TV every week (RAW or Smackdown) and not know what they are going to do and you guess and it is still the same way for me. I am guessing what they are going to do and thinking to myself maybe we will do this or maybe do that but I don't know until TV day like you guys. Yeah, I'll know before because I am a part of it but I don't know until the day of just like any fan and that is fun for me. If I knew what was going on the next two or three weeks' worth of TV obviously that would be great but I kind of like not knowing and showing up for work and hearing that this is what you are doing tonight.

Considering he’s reportedly not under contract, this isn’t that surprising. But I do think it illuminates a couple of things about the great SmackDown/Raw debate of the last few months:

1) It’s more evidence the Tuesday night show does book to crowd response rather than in spite of it. That might be bad news for folks helping Ellsworth will go away soon, seeing as he got another loud, positive reaction in Glasgow last night, but it is using a guy that’s over instead trying to come up with more ways to get a guy fans don’t care about involved in the main event.

2) It’s also evidence that the story-driven approach which WWE employs on Tuesday nights isn’t the result of adhering to a Lucha Underground-like long-term plan. Sure, just because Ellsworth doesn’t find out what’s happening until the afternoon of the show doesn’t mean that’s when it’s decided, but it also wouldn’t seem to indicate there was always a plan for Dean Ambrose to have a sidekick, either.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is J.E. an example of why SmackDown is different from other WWE shows? Why it could revert to the norm?

Or am I just grasping for distractions on a weird day?

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