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James Ellsworth wants to pursue the SmackDown tag titles with Dean Ambrose

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While the WWE Universe (and the Cageside community) may still be deciding how they feel about James Ellsworth as a full-time member of the SmackDown roster, the company needs to move ahead with plans on how to utilize the chinless everyman.

In an interview on ESPN SportsCenter’s “Off the Top Rope” feature with Jonathan Coachman last week (itself evidence Vince McMahon isn’t viewing his investment in Ellsworth as a one-off angle), the man who is 3 - 0 against AJ Styles revealed he has an idea what he - and his buddy Dean Ambrose - might do now that he has a contact:

Well, I hope one day that Dean Ambrose, hopefully at TLC, becomes WWE Champion. And after that, maybe we can become Tag Team Champions, [Ambrose] and I, James Dean.

The Blue brand’s current tag champs, Heath Slater & Rhyno, are very much in the Ellworth mold - right down to the contract-earning storyline shared by Heath and James (another similarity - Slater and Ellsworth also seem to be maintaining their popularity with live crowds while internet fans tire of them more rapidly).

Would the audience be up for another comedic pair atop the division in the near-future?

It appears SmackDown is preparing to transition to more serious stories for the tag teams with Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and American Alpha, which could serve as a palette cleanser before going back to funny underdogs like James Dean. And there are only so many stories to tell, after all.

What do you think of Ellsworth’s plan?

H/T: Wrestling Inc for transcription.