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Talking Smack scheduled after the 45 minute long 205 Live on Tuesday

As excited as many fans were about news of 205 Live, the WWE Network show which will film after SmackDown each Tuesday and focus exclusively on the cruiserweight division, it was also met with some concern... “What about Talking Smack!?!?”

To the surprise of pretty much everybody, the blue brand’s post-show isn’t just typical WWE talking heads and recycled hype like the Kickoff programming which precedes Raw, SmackDown and Sunday night live events. In part because hosts Renee Young & Daniel Bryan are an engaging pair, but even more due to how it lets wrestlers have a little freedom in building their characters and advancing angles, Talking Smack is a big part of many internet fans’ steadfast belief that Tuesdays are the must-see night of WWE programming.

So the third-party reports it was sticking around which came shortly after the announcement of 205 Live were great, but the lack of an official statement from WWE kept a sliver of doubt alive. There was also a question of when exactly Talking Smack would air, aka “just how late am I going to have to stay up?”

Well, we know the answer... at least for Tuesday, Nov. 29, the night the cruiserweight show premieres:

205 Live’s debut, set to feature Rich Swann challenging Brian Kendrick for his Cruiserweight title, will be 45 minutes long, with Talking Smack airing directly after it.

Now, selecting “Schedule” from the Network’s menu isn’t the same as being etched in stone - it told us Survivor Series would run until 11PM Eastern on Sunday, Nov. 20, after all - but this definitely confirms Renee & DB will stream onto our screens on Tuesday night at some point.

The service hasn’t posted their guide for Tuesday, Dec. 6th or beyond yet, so it’s unclear if 10:45PM will be Talking Smack’s regular slot, or if that will be flexible. As its name suggests 205 Live will be live, which probably means some flexibility... but also, if they thought it was gonna run for an hour, there’s no reason they wouldn’t have just listed it as such.

Like this schedule, Cagesiders? Bummed you won’t get an hour of cruisers? Pissed you have to wait for Bryan and NeNe?

Sound off below.

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