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Is James Ellsworth wearing out his welcome on SmackDown?

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Maryland independent wrestler and promoter James Ellsworth showed up on SmackDown on Sept. 13. It was pretty much a gag spot - he was supposed to team AJ Styles in a tag match against Dean Ambrose & John Cena but got taken out by Miz before he could reach the ring - but like his brief stint as a Braun Strowman jobber on Raw, there was something about the odd-looking, plucky underdog which resonated with fans. So he kept coming back.

Over the past couple of months, he’s become a staple of main event scene. Now, that’s still mostly as Dean Ambrose’s comedy sidekick. But he’s also got a bona fide rivalry with Styles, the WWE World champ, at this point. And on paper, it’s a one-sided rivalry, at that.

Based on the still overwhelmingly positive crowd reactions Ellsworth gets (his pop during the televised U.K. shows was probably second only to Bayley’s scene-stealing moment on Raw), WWE has signed him to a full-time contract.

But have they done so just as fans are started to get tired of the act?

Based on a purely non-scientific look at internet feedback, it seems there’s an increasing number of fans who are already over the Ellsworth phenomenon. The comment section beneath his contract-securing win over Styles last night turned into a debate on the topic, and even was asking questions about if folks want to see him full-time on the blue brand. And as of 6PM Eastern on Nov. 23, the results of their poll are pro-Ellsworth, but not by a whole lot...

So, here’s another place to have the debate... are you sick of James Ellsworth? Or are you still enjoying the man with two legs who made his dream come true last night?