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Spirit Squad, Deonna Purrazzo backstage at SmackDown

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Since James Ellsworth was already the focus of WWE’s preview for the Nov. 1 episode of SmackDown, there’s not much suspense about whether he’ll be in Newark for the show - whether or not he’s signed a deal with the company.

But PWInsider does have a report about a couple other names which might interest you.

Miz’s new crew (and Intercontinental champ Dolph Ziggler’s old one), the Spirit Squad are backstage. Mikey and Kenny came up short in a tag title match last week, and the awesome one is supposed to be involved in the segment where General Manager Daniel Bryan introduces the blue brand’s men’s five-on-five Survivor Series team tonight, but I’m sure Creative can find something for some cheerleaders to do.

The other name mentioned is former Tough Enough contestant Deonna Purrazzo. Though she works often with NXT, Purrazzo reportedly isn’t under contract to WWE. But she is a Jersey native, which could either mean she’s just visiting, or she was someone the company knew they could trust for a “local talent” spot.

We’ll find out if these three, or any other surprises, show up on USA Network tonight!