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Miz brought brought back the Spirit Squad just to mess with Dolph Ziggler

Because a video package of low points from Dolph Ziggler’s career wasn’t enough to torment his No Mercy opponent with, Intercontinental champion The Miz brought out living, breathing reminders of one of the most ridiculed gimmicks in recent wrestling history to f*** with him.

As part of his mind games heading into Sunday’s title vs. career match on pay-per-view, Miz reminded Ziggler of a time when he was a male cheerleader named Nicky in a faction called the Spirit Squad. And he did this by bringing back of his fellow pep squaders, Mikey and Kenny!

Of course, after a couple mocking cheers, his old mates attacked Ziggler. But he chased them off, and the Awesome One as well, to stand tall on the Oct. 4 SmackDown live “go home” show for No Mercy.

Beating up Kenny, who worked early EVOLVE shows & turned up in Chikara a couple years ago, and Mikey, who got a push opposite guys like Adam Cole and Kevin Steen before getting injured in Ring of Honor (ROH) a few years back is one thing. Beating the conniving Intercontinental champ and his lovely wife Maryse is another.

Tune in Sunday, and give me an ‘M’... give me an ‘I’... give me a ‘Z’!

What does that spell?!?!

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