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Live! After SmackDown Live! with Tonya & andrew - The 'A Time and Place for Talking Smack' episode

andrewmswift and I, Tonya Rodgers, are back to talk about SmackDown Live - this week featuring a confrontation between the three men in this Sunday's No Mercy main event, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, and the Champ that Runs the Camp, AJ Styles.

Plus, anything from Raw we feel like talking about, and more!

Watch live after Shane & Daniel's extravaganza goes off the air (estimated start time is 10:30 PM Eastern - so you can catch Dean's favorite show, Talking Smack), and fire away during and after the show with your questions and feedback in the comments below!

A friendly reminder. I name my all these shows after tweets/public comments that WWE Superstars have made. You might remember this week's from John Cena's masterclass on TS last Tuesday.

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