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Some very interesting photos of Randy Orton and the Wyatt Family

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On the Tuesday, Oct. 25th SmackDown, Randy Orton helped Bray Wyatt pick up a win over Kane in his no disqualification match. With an RKO to a man who had been his tag partner against Bray and his right-hand man, Luke Harper, speculation picked up that the Viper was returning to his heel-ish ways.

When a few minutes later he told the blue brand’s audience he’d decided “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”, we were left to wonder if not only had Orton turned, but if Wyatt’s cult finally recruited someone without a bushy beard and a flannel shirt.

With a surprise appearance at the Oct. 30 house show in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Randy looked to more definitively throw in with Bray & Luke.

On this card, Orton was facing Kane. Wyatt returned the favor from last week by distracting the Demon and allowing Randy to win. The interesting stuff happened afterwards, where he posed with the Family...

I don’t think we can call it “OFFICIAL” yet, but even if nothing else happens, the whole thing is worth it for Luke doing the Orton pose:

Where do you think this is headed, Cagesiders?