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David Otunga uses Harvard Law degree to smack down Twitter critics

SmackDown’s third-man-in-the-booth color commentator David Otunga has his fair share of detractors. So much so that when he’s gotten props for a couple of good lines during the ongoing James Ellsworth angle (“no chin music” for the Chinless Wonder’s superkick on Oct. 18 and “chinsanity” during the Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles match Ellsworth was at ringside for this past Tuesday, Oct. 25), fans don’t want to give him any credit.

Like this guy:

Well, the two-time tag champ, actor, father and Harvard grad wasn’t gonna take that laying down:

You tell ‘em, David. It is kind of weird that your best lines are chin puns, though, right? Did they teach that at Harvard?

Otunga is learning on the job while working for a notoriously tough boss in front of more than 2 million people every week, and he’s shown signs of improvement, so it might be time to cut him a little slack.

If he doesn’t get better, he still has that muthaf*%#in’ law degree.

Mic dropped.

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