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Live! After SmackDown Live! with Tonya & Fizzy - The 'Let's Have an Arm Wrestle' episode

andrewmswift is still watching baseball, so I, Tonya Rodgers, have brought back my friend fizzy to talk about SmackDown Live - this week featuring all Dean Ambrose's fight for a title shot against the champ, Becky Lynch's return and more!

Plus, anything from Raw we feel like talking about, including our picks for Hell in a Cell, RAW, and much more! This week's title is not a tweet from anyone. It is play on words that I'm sure a few of my Cagesiders will get.

Watch live after Shane & Daniel's extravaganza goes off the air (estimated start time is 10:30 PM Eastern - so you can catch Dean's favorite show, Talking Smack), and fire away during and after the show with your questions and feedback in the comments below!

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