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WWE’s Twitter teasing a Miz/Maryse split

This is probably nothing. It’s a one-off social media posting from a weekend house show, without any basis in the ongoing, on-screen story playing out on SmackDown.

But, hey, we’re not hanging out on the internet to not over-react to trivial asides.

So let’s wonder about this Tweet from yesterday’s live event in Des Moines asking if Maryse’s WWE career would be better off if she started working solo, without her husband The Miz...

The French-Canadian beauty does have a pretty successful track record as a singles performer. After coming into the company via the Divas Search, Maryse twice captured the infamous butterfly belt before taking her leave. And as a featured star of the new season of Total Divas, WWE may want to shine a spotlight on her.

Even with the title, Mrs. Mizanin was always a character-first performer, however, and especially as WWE tries to push their women’s division as being athetically equal to the men, she might not be the best fit there. And fans’ appreciation of and critical acclaim for Miz really began when she returned after WrestleMania 32 to serve as his manager.

There have been none of the traditional kayfabe signs a break-up or split is imminent, either. Sure, they lost the Intercontinental title at No Mercy, but not because of miscommunication between the couple. If they want to raise Maryse’s profile, they can do it a lot more easily by moving Miz up the card than by trying to relaunch her singles career.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Would WWE split the A-Listers? Should they?

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