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James Ellsworth isn’t perfect - sometimes he’s so amazed he’s on WWE television he forgets to sell

To hear many WWE fans tell it, the journey of James Ellsworth from Braun Strowman jobber to #1 contender for the WWE World title has been one of the best angles in an exciting year of pro wrestling.

You’d almost think Ellsworth can do no wrong.

Even the chinless wonder can slip up though - probably cause he’s living on cloud nine as a part-time WWE Superstar with merch on the company’s website and independent promoters lining up to put him on their cards.

The always on point WrasslorMonkey came through with a GIF from Dean Ambrose’s commercial break interview with Ellsworth of one of the occassions where the man with two hands and a fighting chance wasn’t perfect.

Maybe it’s what WrasslorMonkey said, and the champ hit him too hard. Maybe he’s not used to being on shows with commercial breaks, so he wasn’t sure of the rules.

Regardless, it’s a funny freaking GIF.

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