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We need to talk about Naomi’s kick flurry

We’re all willing to suspend some disbelief when we tune in to pro wrestling. Not everything has to be people working tight like Sheamus or Asuka.

But we need to talk about Naomi’s flurry of kicks combo.

Now, right off the top, I’m putting some of the blame on WWE’s social media team, because while I noticed this during the GLOWster’s match against Alexa Bliss last night (Oct. 18), I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But then I saw this Tweet heralding it:

We can also blame the camera work, as the angles didn’t help the ladies at all here. But still. Out of at least ten kicks, I’d say only half made any contact with Bliss, and none of them looked like they’d hurt in any way.

Factor in, as the Twitter account for the wrestling-themed Punk band Pop-Up Powerbomb points out in replying to WWE Universe’s Tweet, this also makes you wonder why Alexa or anyone else wouldn’t simply take a step back to avoid even the tips of Naomi’s light-up sneakers from hitting them (Watch Speedball Mike Bailey do the same move to see how he deals with this by being close enough to connect with the backs of his opponent’s arms, then moves forward as they retreat). Heck, Trinity looks like she’s moving backwards as the spot continues.

Some folks got mad about the most recent SmackDown, because they thought the angle where Carmella accused Nikki Bella of using her relationship with John Cena to her political advantage was a step in the wrong direction. As long as that’s only one of a myriad of stories WWE is telling with the women, and since Carm is the clear heel trying to shame Nikki for what’s presented in all WWE’s media as a healthy adult relationship, I didn’t have any problem with that.

But singling out phantom kicks for praise isn’t helping anybody.

Let’s tighten those up or leave them out, m’kay?

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