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James Ellsworth is immune to chin locks

SmackDown’s main event on Oct. 18 has drawn mixed reviews. Some feel the joke has gone on too long at WWE World champ AJ Styles’ expense. Another group is just saddened by the return of wacky comedy Dean Ambrose (full disclosure, I’m in that camp). Others were drawn in by the underdog story of James Ellsworth and bought the near fall which came after “No Chin Music”.

It’s that last one which provides us with some common ground. The man with two hands and a fighting chance doesn’t have much of a chin, literally, and that’s hilarious.

Case in point, these GIFs (courtesy of TDE Wrestling on tumblr) where James shows AJ you can’t put a chinlock on a chinless man...

If you can’t at least chuckle at that, we’re gonna have to send Bayley out to give you a hug.

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