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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Sept. 17, 2015): Nikki Bella record celebration

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 17, 2015) from Little Rock, Arkansas with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the go home show to the upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sun., Sept. 20 in Houston, Texas.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here). We will provide results with a live blog below anyway.

You can use this space to discuss all the events as they occur, however, and it's probably going to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, I know it is because we're a lot of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



BaconStrips here. Let's do this.


WWE Signature and a recap of Sting having his first match on Raw.


Seth Rollins comes out to start the show again.

Rollins vows to make history at Night of Champions by successfully defending both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship against Sting and John Cena respectively.  Rollins says that Cena's Night of Champions will look a lot like his SummerSlam, only this time Rollins will break Cena like he did some time back.

As for Sting, Rollins is going to show us why Sting is the past and Rollins is the now when he makes history.

In regards to tonight, Rollins is going to team up with Sheamus (yes, Mr. Money in the Bank) to take on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Rollins explains his rationale of teaming with Sheamus by saying that he's keeping his friends close, and his enemies closer.

Right on cue, Sheamus comes out. He asks Rollins if he is considered a friend or enemy, because Rollins does not want Sheamus as an enemy. He also talks about how Rollins won't see the cash-in coming, but Rollins turns this around into a "you look stupid" barb because of course.

After telling everyone to respect the hawk, Sheamus promises that Rollins won't make the main event if he doesn't stop throwing the stereotypical insults at him. Sheamus then turns a 180 and tells Rollins that he wants to be friends before putting over tonight's main event.

And again, Sheamus references a possible cash in before telling his "friend" that he'll see him in the main event.


Paige and Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks and Naomi

This was a pretty solid tag match that ended with the obligatory distraction roll-up after Sasha Banks distracted Paige while she was trying to suplex Naomi. Naomi then hit a small package.

Sasha Banks and Naomi def Paige and Becky Lynch


Stardust cuts one of his insane promos vowing to be victorious at Night of Champions


Kofi Kingston vs D-Von Dudley

No trombone this week, but instead The New Day bring out the protest signs, including #Booty. They also promote their petition (which is on a mini-table no less) to save the tables and put over Mother Nature and her beautiful trees. The Dudley Boyz are disrespecting Mother Nature, and only you can prevent table poaching.

The New Day are national treasures.

The bell rings, and Kofi Kingston tries to get D-Von to sign the doesn't go well, earning the coveted "OH HELL NO!!" from Bubba Ray Dudley. Also during the match, Big E and Xavier Woods try to free the tables from the tyranny of The Dudleys. As this goes on, Kingston gets a dirty roll-up as D-Von beats up Woods.

Kofi Kingston def D-Von Dudley

The New Day drags a table to safety as The Dudleys freak out.


Backstage, Team Bella are hyping this so-called Bellabration by going over the final details of the insanity. There is a ludicrous amount of champagne involved, so Brie Mode is guaranteed. Also, Nikki keeps interrupting Brie when she tries to warn her about something. Nikki walks off as Alicia Fox and Brie have worried looks on their faces.


Big Show vs Cesaro

For what it was, this was actually a pretty good match with some classic limb psychology used by Cesaro (targeting Show's right arm) AND Big Show (targeting Cesaro's left leg). In the end, Cesaro's leg cost him after he countered out of a Neutralizer counter. Show hits the KO Punch to win.

Big Show def Cesaro


Renee Young interviews Ambreigns and tries to get a hint of who their tag partner is. They won't spoil it, but Ambrose says that he just made a phone call, and it was the right one.


Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

This was one hell of a match with both men trading some huge moves with each other. As the end got nearer, Owens kept trying to get Ziggler counted out, including hurling him into the timekeeper's area. However, Ziggler kept coming back, frustrating Owens. Owens superkicked Ziggler outside and went outside to apron bomb him. Ryback came out to make a save, causing a DQ.

Kevin Owens def Dolph Ziggler by DQ

Ryback and Owens brawl for a few seconds before Ryback goes for a Shellshock. Owens escapes before the move is hit.


Nikki Bella goes to her Bellabration only to find that there is NO ONE present. Nikki freaks out and sends Alicia and Brie to fix the problem. As Nikki tries to enter Brie Mode with champagne, Team PCB come in and mock the party before Charlotte vows to beat her at Night of Champions. They leave, and Nikki rages a bit before Adam Rose comes in and says that the party sucks. Nikki rages more and throws her congratulation cake...onto Brie and Alicia. She tells them to go away and rages even more.

Dolph Ziggler is backstage trying to ease his pain when Summer comes up to him and talks about the earrings as some kind of peace offering.


Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs Sheamus and Seth Rollins

As you would expect, this was a pretty fun and frantic tag match that featured lots of good back-and-forth action. Ambreigns got the win here after Sheamus hopped off the apron as Rollins was going for a tag. Rollins held the MITB case hostage, causing Sheamus to pop onto the apron and debate with Rollins before being tagged in. More arguing ensues, eventually leading to their downfall.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns def Sheamus and Seth Rollins

Afterwards, a video package airs hyping Ambreigns+1 vs The Wyatt Family. When the video airs, Bray Wyatt appears and tells us that they all fall down. Braun Strowman tells us to run.

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