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WWE SmackDown recap & reactions (Aug. 27, 2015): Wyatt Family Values

This week's episode of SmackDown, airing on the SyFy Network on August 27, 2015, comes from Providence, Rhode Island.  This is the fallout show to the WWE's Summerslam pay-per-view (PPV), which aired this past Sunday (August 23, 2015) on the WWE Network.  For full results and the live blog, click here.


Family Means Everything

Bray Wyatt starts the show with Luke Harper and his new goon, Braun Strowman, at his side.  Once in the ring, Luke Harper speaks first, telling the fans that they are blind to Bray Wyatt's truth.  Then Wyatt starts talking, saying that he does not just throw out words like "brother" and "family" as a smoke screen for selfish ways.  Family means everything to Wyatt.  Sister Abigail taught him a lot.  He is the new face of fear.  Harper is the new face of desolation.  Strowman is the new face of destruction.

Ambreigns interrupts the Family, choosing to come out to Reign's music through the crowd.  Reigns states that, yes, they got whooped on Monday by his "biggin", but Ambreigns is used to taking whoopings.  Ambrose declares that "he will take the ugly one" before Reigns and Ambrose get into the ring to confront the Family.  Wyatt decides that the time is not right for fisticuffs and directs his goons to back down.  Out of everyone in this segment, I like Luke Harper the most.  I hope he has aligned himself with Wyatt again so he can take him out and become the REAL face of fear.

What am I thinking?  It's not like Harper has had success without Wyatt; he's directionless without him, right?

The main event for the night is announced, being Ambrose versus Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus.  The match started off brutal with Ambrose throwing his body at Sheamus and fighting outside of the ring.  He hit him with a few hard elbows and strikes, flying off the announce table several times before Sheamus cut him off with a stiff looking counter of his own.

Sheamus took control of the match, ragdolling Ambrose around.  There was a nice transition from a Stretch Muffler to a sit out powerbomb.  Also enjoyed Dean attempting Sheamus' own "beat your chest over the ropes" move.  When Dean cuts out spamming multiple rebound set ups, his matches are quite fun.  Even his suicide dive was the best I have seen him do in a while.  He did do one rebound near the end of the match and actually tore his own shirt off, as opposed it to being ripped off of him.

Just as momentum was on Ambrose's side, the Wyatts showed up to distract him.  He ate a Brogue Kick and Sheamus got the victory.  The Wyatts circled Ambrose, looking to finish him off but Reigns appeared out of nowhere to Superman Punch Harper to the floor.  Reigns attempted to stand toe-to toe with Strowman but, nope.  He got wrecked, again, son.  Bray kneeled over Reigns' prone body with his goons standing behind him and proclaimed "Follow the buzzards' as the show went off the air.

After tonight, I do not see how Reigns and Ambrose can take on the Wyatt Family with their new monster without some backup.  I just hope whoever may join them is a really good choice (Cesaro).


Welcome Back to Dudleyville

As someone who lived through the late 90s wrestling boom, the Dudley Boyz are my third favorite tag team from that era and my absolute favorite ECW alumni.  I lived through some of their most epic battles in ECW and WWF (Yes, it was WWF back then.  Gosh, I'm getting old).  I even went back to TNA for a time just to see them work with the Hardys again in 2014.  Buh Buh Ray (Bully Ray) and D-Von are timeless to me.  I will always mark for them.  They are the true masters of hardcore tag team/multi-man matches in my opinion.

The Dudley Boyz made their in ring return tonight in a match against the Ascension.  Loved when Buh Buh backed Konner into the corner and yelled, "Do you know who we are?  We're the Dudley Boyz and we're back!"

Also love that Buh Buh is now conducting the crowd to do the "Get the tables!" line for D-Von.  Yeah, the Ascension got some offense in but did anyone ever think they would win?  And for those of you who haven't seen them work lately, yes, they may be of a certain age but they can still absolutely G-O.

After the match, New Day came out to troll the Dudleys, which was glorious.  They jeered with protest signs and discouraged them from putting Viktor through a table but to no avail.  A post Apocalyptic vampire from space got wood tonight.  I could not type that sentence out in this review if not for Buh Buh Ray and D-Von.  I will forever be grateful for this.


NXT on SmackDown

Kevin Owens versus Neville was a great exhibition match between two former NXT Champions.  Neville started the match hot but KO was having none of his flippy sh*t tonight.  A brutal looking clothesline from KO brought Neville out of the match and KO had control for most of the rest of the match.  One thing I like about KO is I feel he actually uses a headlock to build heat with the audience and prompt getting them behind the face to fight back.  Neville's comeback was great.  His kicks looked legit.  But KO delivered an even better one that ended up taking Neville out.  One Pop-Up Powerbomb later and KO is your winner.

Matches like this are why I love SmackDown. It gives the viewers a nice sample size of what these men and women have to offer in the ring.  I really wish something was on the line, like title contention, but then again, this is main roster WWE.  That mess only happens in NXT.

Please give me more KO singles matches on this show.  Please?


All the rest

  • Bellas versus PCP (backstage): Maybe it's because there has not been any kind of story to this "Revolution" but I actually liked the interaction between Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and the Bellas here.  Nikki and Brie attempted to cause dissention in PCB but Charlotte and Becky turned it around on the Bellas by speaking the truth: Nikki Bella turned on Brie last SummerSlam (she was brainwashed!) and wished she DIED IN THE WOMB!  Honestly, I like Charlotte and Nikki here the most.  Charlotte for saying what needed to be said and Nikki for her reasoning of turning on her sister.  Brainwashed by whom?  I need answers!
  • Bellas versus PCP (the match): I'm tired of these fustercluck tag matches.  Nikki Bella says they don't matter and they don't.  PCB won but it does not matter.  Remember that people.  None of this matters.
  • RRR promo: I'm sorry.  I can't.  I just can't do it .  Seth Rollins is facing Sting at Night of Champions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  I was opposed to the Undertaker in the main event of SummerSlam.  I am equally opposed to Sting in the main event here.  Here's the thing for me.  I actually lived through the prime of their careers.  I saw them main event plenty of times over the years.  I'd really like to see guys who have not had that chance (and are in their prime now) getting these spots.
  • Also, I did not pay attention to a single word Rollins' said and I have not for a while now.  #SorryNotSorry
  • Sheamus promo: See above statement about Rollins' promo.  The same applies here.
  • Ryback and Dolph Ziggler versus Big Show and Rusev: Big Show turned face by knocking Rusev out and walking out of the match.  I actually enjoyed this match before all that.  FYI: Do not tag with Big Show.  He is the worst tag partner in the history of wrestling.
  • Ambreigns backstage segment: I now need these two to have a "Your Boot/His Face" shirt.  Thank you.


This was a very enjoyable episode for me.  Dudley Boyz versus New Day is already entertaining.  KO and Neville never disappoint me.  I loved, LOVED some kind of sense of a story with the women.  Strowman provides a much needed wrinkle in the Ambreigns/Wyatts feud.  And, the best part is witnessing the Big Show's record 100th alignment turn in his career.  This was a historic night, people.

Rating: B+

That's all for this week, Cagesiders!  What are your thoughts on the show?  Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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