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WWE Smackdown results, recap, reactions (July 30, 2015): Who's Delivering Now?

This episode of SmackDown, airing on the SyFy Network on July 30, 2015, comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The WWE is building towards the SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) in August.  For full results and the live blog click here.

Oh, joy.


Why Can't We Be Friends?

This week, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, opened the show with a promo.  He spoke about John Cena, particularly the fact that Rollins broke the nose on the "face that runs the place".  Rollins was overjoyed about this so much, in fact, that he called causing this injury to Cena a "work of art".  Before Rollins could crow for long, Cesaro made his way out to the ring, mostly to shut the WWE WHC up.

Tensions between Rollins and Cesaro were raised, someone mentioned that the two had a match scheduled for later, the other suggested that the match start immediately, and then all of a sudden, a referee appeared from out of nowhere to start the match.  After a minute or so into said match, Kevin Owens came down to commentate the match.  If there is one thing I enjoy more than a KO match, it is KO on commentary.  He is just the perfect antagonist for the commentators.

Just as Cesaro was making a comeback on Rollins, Owens ran into the ring and attacked him, causing a disqualification.  After initially appearing to be upset with KO, Rollins joins him in stomping on Cesaro before a group of referees clear them from the ring.  Later in the night, as KO is leaving, he (as well as the audience) learn that the main event will be KO/Rollins versus Cesaro and a partner of his choosing.  Right before the match begins, Cesaro notes that he does not have a partner yet but he will more than willing to face both Rollins and Owens alone.

Fortunately for Cesaro, Seth Rollins has a life long enemy now in Dean Ambrose, so he was willing to oblige the Swiss Superman and be his tag team partner for the night.  Owens and Rollins controlled a majority of the match yet Ambrose and Cesaro were crafty enough to get the win when Cesaro rolled Owens up for a pinfall.  Cesaro and Ambrose may not be Ambreigns but it was a nice temporary substitute.


All the Rest

Eight Man tag team match: Los Matadors and Lucha Dragons defeated New Day and Ascension in a really messy segment with way too much going on.  Note to WWE: If you have Xavier Woods ringside for a  match, you do not also need Prime Time Players on commentary.  I am not going to be able to hear commentary with Woods screaming about how Kofi Kingston is "the GOAT".  Normally, I would not mind but it was sensory overload.  Pointless, pointless segment.

Rusev versus Jack Swagger: This was a very good match because Swagger and Rusev have amazing chemistry. Rusev got the win but Swagger stood tall after the Bulgarian Brute attempted a post match attack.  More even stevens booking.  Hooray!

Stardust versus R-Truth: Nothing match which only served as an excuse to lead to a Neville-Stardust brawl, which saw Stardust running into the crowd at the end.  I guess someone had to run on the show.

Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper promo: Something, something spooky words; something, something Anyone but you, Roman.

Sheamus promo: Oh, dear God, Orton versus Sheamus is continuing.  And the phrase "last man standing" was said more than once, I believe.  Oh, boy, I cannot wait to see more.

Becky Lynch video: This was a nice clip highlighting the Lass Kicker.  You know what would have gone perfectly with this?  A Becky Lynch match.

This was an average SmackDown in every way.  None of the matches were all that interesting.  Nothing really stood out.  I spent most of the time during the main event coming up with names for the tag teams in the match.  The list is below.  See if you can figure out which team it applies to:

The Runaways

Shattered Dreams

The Indy Darlings

Yin and Yang

Team Maybe So

Perfect Ten

The Brothers of Self Delusion

Team Tap Out

The Lunatic Supermen

The Even Couple

Also, I just love that Kevin Owens co-signed on Seth Rollins' excuse for why he tapped to Cena on Monday.  Apparently, the STF isn't a good submission move, people just tap because they have more important matters to think about than winning a match against the biggest active wrestler in the company.  Also, the only reason KO and Rollins lost that match is because neither one attempted to leave before it was over.  Silly rabbits.

Mark rating: C-

Smark rating: D

Two more things, the cancelation of the Becky Lynch match makes me believe that the WWE has no problem going back to how things used to be with the women in a hurry.  Oh, yeah and DEAN AMBROSE BELONGS TO ROMAN REIGNS!!  FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!

That's it for this week.  As you can tell, I just could not be my usual positive self at all for this show.  What are your thoughts?  Let me have it in the comments.

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