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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 9, 2015): Run Away, Champ

This week's episode of Smackdown, which aired on the SyFy Network on July 9, 2015, comes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The WWE is still building towards the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV), which will air live on the WWE Network on July 19.  For full results and the live blog click here.



The Road to Suplex City

The WWE WHC, Seth Rollins, started the show to address Brock Lesnar, particularly what happened this past Monday on RAW, when the Beast Incarnate took apart a brand new Cadillac GTS belonging to J&J Security, as well as putting a hurting on Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.  The Champ stood in the ring alone and promised retribution for what was done to his friends, calling Lesnar a coward.  The WHC was interrupted when the car in question was brought out the flat bed of a tow truck in all its mangled glory.

Directly after the car was presented, the advocate for Lesnar, Paul Heyman, made his return to SmackDown after months and months to inform Rollins of his fate.  Heyman promised that how the destroyed car looks will be nothing compared to how Lesnar will make Rollins look at Battleground. Having none of Heyman's talk, Rollins fired back with a few threats to Heyman, saying that he will be alone once Rollins is done with Lesnar because Heyman will not have a client to advocate for.

Heyman and Rollins had quite the heated exchange here.  One thing is almost a positive coming out of Battleground. Someone will resemble that destroyed Cadillac, be it Rollins or Lesnar.  This exchange makes me believe that the match between Lesnar and Rollins will be brutal and neither competitor will hold back.  Rollins was full of fire to end the segment.  Directly afterwards, it was announced that Rollins would face the Intercontinental Champion, Ryback, in the Champion versus Champion main event.

Later in the evening, the Big Show and Rollins met up backstage.  Big Show asked if Rollins needed help in putting down the Big Guy.  Rollins cockily assured Big Show that he will make an example out of Ryback but asked Big Show to assist in "burning down Suplex City".  Big Show hinted that he wanted no parts of that action, and who could blame him?  Big Show also promised to take out Rollins' "old friend" Roman Reigns in his match.

Big Show versus Roman Reigns happened . . . . once again.  Not much to get into for this match as, once again, Bray Wyatt interfered when Reigns got the upper hand.  I do not mean to beat a dead horse here but Wyatt's targets always seem to have an issue with the Authority as well, don't they?  Wyatt left Reigns laying in the middle of the ring, telling everyone (or maybe just Reigns) to follow the buzzards.

The main event was depressing.  Seriously, it has come down to the WWE WHC running away from a fight from the IC champion.  Ryback versus Rollins was embarrassing.  Rollins barely got in any offense.  Ryback seemed to have his number, quite easily, I might add.  When it was apparent that a Shell Shock was in his future, Rollins ran away from Ryback and got counted out after doing all he could to get away.

Once the match concluded, the Big Show appeared to help Rollins take out Ryback.  Just as the two were about to double team the Big Guy, Reigns ran out to make the save.  So apparently, Sister Abigails don't do any long term damage to Samoans or something.  I do not understand the point of Wyatt's attack earlier if Reigns was going to no sell it by the end of the show.  I also am very perturbed that Rollins is running from literally every opponent he faces, if he has to go it alone.  At this point, it looks as if he will definitely lose to Lesnar.  And, perhaps, that is the exact point.


Are You Not Entertained?

The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, made his return to the show in over a month to address his beef with Mr. Money In the Bank, Sheamus.  Orton stated that no one has gotten under his skin the way the Celtic Warrior has.  One of the things that irk him the most is when Sheamus yells out, "Are you not entertained?", to which Orton, and the crowd, say a passionate "No!".  Orton promised to do the impossible: make Sheamus entertaining.

As Orton was about to leave the ring, the Ascension came out and declared that it was their match time.  They made all kinds of threats to Orton, saying he should leave or visit the Wasteland.  Jimmy Uso on commentary explained that these guys just wanted to make a name for themselves by this interruption.  Orton was having none of the Ascension, quickly RKOing Konnor so hard that he rolled out of the ring, leaving Viktor to eat a hanging DDT and an RKO for his efforts at making a name.  I do not know what the point was and I do not care.  I was entertained.  Thanks, Randy!


All the Rest

Dean Ambrose versus Bo Dallas: This was the best match of the night.  I loved Bo's viciousness in the match.  I also like the fact that commentary and Ambrose himself presented Bo as a threat and not a joke.  We need to see this Bo a lot more often.

Rusev versus Fandango: Rusev is back to crushing the hopes and dreams of filthy Americans.  Summer Rae looks fantastic as his "better Lana".  Nice little throw towards continuity with Fandango attempting to dance for Summer before the match.  And now Rusev crush . . . with boots.

Titus O'Neil versus Big E: This was a fun, hard-hitting match from the big men of the Prime time Players and New Day.  Titus got the win after Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were thrown out of the match, distracting Big E for a moment.  Quite enjoying the back and forth between these two teams.  Their match at Battleground for the tag titles should be fun.

Team Bella versus Naomi and Tamina: Dat numbers game allowed Alicia Fox and Brie Bella to get the win here.  Will this finally get Naomi and Tamina on Paige's side or will they continue to be neutral?  Or perhaps those two ladies should "buy in", like Alicia did.  For some reason, I want Jimmy to step in and get the referee's attention when the Bellas are up to their old tricks.  Come on, UCE!  Don't you want your wife to win?


Ladies and gents, we are now at the "spinning our wheels" portion of the build.  Please refer to the "Go Home" episode of RAW next week if you want any story advancement.  Or, in other words, this was not a very good show.

Rating: C+

That's all for this week, Cagesiders!  What did you think of the show?  Be sure to leave your opinion in the comment section.

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