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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (May 7, 2015): Sign on the dotted line

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 7, 2015) from Ottawa, Ontario with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Payback pay-per-view (PPV) later this month in Baltimore.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here). We will provide results with a live blog below anyway.

You can use this space to discuss all the events as they occur, however, and it's probably going to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, I know it is because we're a lot of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



BaconStrips here. Let's do this?!?


WWE Signature and a long recap of Raw's main event angle.


Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He talks about the King of the Ring tournament and introduces King Barrett.

Barrett enters and immediately starts bullying Lawler, saying that he doesn't deserve the "King" title as well as trying to get him to say "All hail King Barrett." Lawler refuses, and Barrett starts setting up a Bullhammer.

At this moment, Dolph Ziggler comes down and calls Barrett a "renaissance fair reject." This leads to...


King Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler

Pretty good match that ends when Sheamus comes down to interfere as Ziggler starts to take control.

Dolph Ziggler def King Barrett by DQ

Barrett and Sheamus start beating down Ziggler until Neville comes down to make the save. You can guess where we're going...


Neville and Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus and King Barrett

These four men have some excellent chemistry together, and it shows once again. After a great tag match, Neville and Ziggler get the win after Neville breaks a leverage pin by Barrett. Barrett starts barking at Neville, allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the win.

Neville and Dolph Ziggler def Sheamus and King Barrett


Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose about his match at Payback. He talks about chaos and stuff. He also says that the person you would least expect to win would be the person to walk out as the victor...wonder who he was talking about...


Luke Harper vs Fandango

Very quick match that sees Harper get the win with his discus clothesline

Luke Harper def Fandango

After the match, Erick Rowan comes out and starts beating up Fandango because reasons


Lana is in the ring, and she gets a great reaction. She tells the crowd not to cheer for her because it "angers Rusev."

Yes, that was an actual quote from this segment.

Rusev comes down and yells at Lana before evicting her from the ring. He goes on to cut a promo on John Cena before making a promise: he will come to next Monday's Raw, stand toe-to-toe with Cena, and tell him why he will quit.


Renee Young interviews Roman Reigns about his match at Payback. He talks about each of the competitors. He put Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose over pretty well, and says that he hates pretty much everything about Seth Rollins. Reigns says that he's gonna do what he has to do in order to win.


The New Day vs The Brass Ring Club and Ryback

This was a really fun and fast-paced tag match. The BRC and The New Day had some good chemistry, and Ryback didn't kill the flow of the match too badly. The match ends when Bray Wyatt's entrance thing disrupts the match. This allows The New Day to take advantage and pin a distracted Tyson Kidd for the win.

The New Day def The Brass Ring Club and Ryback


Emma vs Naomi

Decent enough match that ends with the Rear View because apparently it's a heel finishing move.

Naomi def Emma

After the match, Tamina superkicks Emma to oblivion.


So by process of elimination, it's time for Renee Young to interview Seth Rollins. He talks about HIS WWE World Heavyweight Championship and his process of getting ahold of it. Renee brings up Kane's assistance, and he blasts it, calling Kane "irrelevant" and "obsolete." Rollins calls Kane jealous, saying that he will never have a mind like Rollins has.


Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores

After a fun, fast-paced, and somewhat sloppy match, the Lucha Dragons get the win over Los Matadores.

Lucha Dragons def Los Matadores

After the match, Los Matadores start yelling at El Torito because reasons


Kane is in the ring for a peaceful contract signing for Payback's main event. All four men are introduced.

After all four men are introduced, Kane starts with the formalities, which are interrupted by Ambrose and Rollins bickering. Roman Reigns says that he's gonna sign the contract then kick Rollins' ass. Despite the threats, Rollins stays right where he is on the stage and asks for Kane to sign for him.

Rollins' plan is derailed when Kane calls him out about what was said during a backstage interview. As a result, Kane beckons Rollins to the shark pit. Once to the ring, Rollins has Joey Mercury grab the contract for him to review. Rollins goes on to make fun of each of the participants.

Rollins and J&J eventually enter the ring. Rollins signs the contract, and starts arguing with Kane. As they argue, Dean Ambrose rearranges furniture. He calls dibs on the table, and throws Mercury into it, and the brawl starts.

After the carnage, Rollins stands tall with his title as all the other men involved lie dead in the ring...especially Noble, who took a desk chair to the face.

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