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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (May 14, 2015): You're on your own

This week's episode of WWE Smackdown, airing on the SyFy Network on May 14, 2015, comes from Evansville, Indiana.  This week's episode is the "go home" episode leading to the Payback pay-per-view this Sunday.  For full results of the show, click here.

Let's get this party started.


"I work best alone"

Dean Ambrose kicked off Smackdown with an in-ring promo addressing his actions at the close of RAW this past Monday.  After joining in on a finisher spree on the WWE WHC and watching Randy Orton eat a Roman Reigns' spear, Ambrose surprised and delighted the WWE Universe by hitting Dirty Deeds on his only/best friend in the World.  Ambrose tells the crowd that he works best when he is on his own.  It is the way he prefers to do things.

Ambrose begins to address Reigns personally and this prompts the Big Dog to come out to the ring.  I would not call what followed between the two men a resolution.  Both did agree that Ambrose did nothing to apologize for.  However, Reigns brought up the fact that is was his turn to get payback for what was done to him.  Um, when did Dean ever get his payback for being Curbstomped through cinder blocks?

Reigns goes on to say that tonight there were no grudges between them.  Reigns assured Ambrose that things will be different this Sunday because he will bring the big guns and he hopes Ambrose will do the same.  Then Reigns offers his hand and . . . Ambrose looks at him for a second before Kane comes out to interrupt the top nominees for this year's Slammy for "Bromance of the Year".

Watching this interaction between Ambrose and Reigns, I cannot help but think seeds are being planted for the two to face each other.  If the two come up short in the Fatal Four Way this Sunday because they were too busy fighting, that could be a reason for the two to have their sights on one another.  Two men who call themselves brothers but prefer to work alone could easily start to feel that one may have to go through the other to get to the Championship.

Implied Ambreigns tension aside, Ambrose was quite funny in this segment, especially calling the WWE WHC a "chicken weasel troll" and in his interaction with Corporate Kane, who set up an impromptu match against the Lunatic Fringe and the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.  Mr. You Look Stupid gave Ambrose a tough, hard hitting battle but Ambrose scratch and clawed his way to a hard fought victory.  Is it just me or does anyone else love that Ambrose is now winning matches with the Diva's Special rollup?

If Ambrose is not the front runner heading into the Money in the Bank match next month, I will be completely surprised.  Most of us fans know that Ambrose is not walking out of Payback this Sunday with the title, some even concluding that he is there specifically to take the pin, but it really feels like Ambrose is getting a main event rub before ending up Mr. Money in the Bank.  We shall see soon enough.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber, uh, forgive me, Seth Rollins continues to degrade the Director of Operations while attempting to persuade him in assisting in a successful title defense in the Fatal Four Way. I still do not get how Rollins will be able to get Kane to help him, especially since Kane has made it clear that he does not need money and he does not like Seth Rollins. It is very interesting that the main story continues to be what Kane will do instead of any of the actual competitors in the main event this Sunday.

Later, Kane took on Reigns in a very physical no disqualification match. Kane gave as good as he ever has but came up short again, which seems to be a norm these days. The real story happened after the match when an all out brawl occurred between the former Shield members, and J&J Security, the aftermath of which saw yet another wrinkle with Ambrose and Reigns. Once again, Reigns offered his hand to his best friend and brother. Instead of accept it, Ambrose picked up the WWE WHC, which Rollins had left while running away from another fight, and put it on Reigns' shoulder, saying, "Don't worry, I'll take it this Sunday".

So much for an imminent Shield reunion.


Exposing the Façade

Although upon first observation, the feud between Ryback and Bray Wyatt made me do a People's Eyebrow in total confusion, I have to admit that I am liking Ryback in this situation.  His demeanor reads as a man whose just not buying into Bray Wyatt's antics at all.  Unlike some of Wyatt's past opponents, Ryback has seemed not to be affected by Wyatt's words at all.

Perhaps this is why Wyatt did a sneak attack of Ryback before his match with Seth Rollins.  Again, I appreciated the story THE BIG GUY told in the match.  He was certainly affected by Wyatt's attack, which cost him an important victory against the WWE WHC.  The segment gave Ryback some motivation to go into battle with Wyatt this Sunday, which is desperately needed.  I think most Wyatt Family fans are just hoping this match brings about a reunion.  I would like that as well but I would actually prefer if Ryback's story is advanced also.  I think he deserves something substantial coming out of all of this.


Enough is Enough

The angle between Rusev and Lana continues to be my least favorite part of WWE programming.  Everything about their dynamic has been turned on its head.  Now Rusev is clearly ordering Lana around and telling her what to do.  Lana seemed like someone reading their own ransom note when she recited a prepared apology for Fandangoing last week.  The story here was clearly being forced to read the statement and was uncomfortable as could be.

Rusev then addressed John Cena and their "I Quit" match for the United States Champion at Payback. It has become clear that Rusev no longer needs Lana to speak for him.  He has come a long way in that regard.  An interesting wrinkle was introduced when Rusev played a clip of Cena saying, "I Quit" over and over, which is a throwback to the Rock's victory over Mankind at the 1999 Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

The only thing that will save this angle for me is if Rusev and Lana are swerving Cena somehow.  Since Cena hasn't shown an ounce of concern for Lana, I highly doubt this, though.  I want so badly for Cena to move on with his US Open Challenge and for Rusev and Lana to part ways.  Just end this already, please.


All the rest

Tyson Kidd versus Kofi Kingston: This was a fun but short match that only served to further hype what will be an awesome 2 out of 3 Falls match between the two teams who will challenge Ambreigns for that Bromance of the Year Slammy (seriously, WWE, this needs to happen).  I rather liked Kofi working heel in this match, yet "grabbing dem tights" was unsuccessful this time out as he fell to a Kidd Sharpshooter.  New Day still rocks, though.  And they recycle, they don't double dip, and they pay for all their movie theater tickets, thank you very much.

Divas: Naomi and Tamina cut a promo about their tag match against the Bellas at Payback, furthering the idea that they are taking the division over after from the Total Divas stars.  I love Naomi's new attitude and adding Tamina looks like a good fit.  I am not-so-patiently awaiting both Paige's return and Charlotte's call up.  I look forward to exactly what kind of damage Naomi and Tamina will cause.

Bo Dallas versus Neville: King Barret was out on commentary for what amounted to a Neville squash.  After the match, the King threw some words of ridicule Neville's way to set up their show down this Sunday.  I picture these two mixing it up in some form for the course of the summer, which isn't a bad thing, really.

Adam Rose segment: Yeah, so that happened . . .

Thanks to the WWE having to build Payback quickly, this episode featured a lot of story progression in major angles. Expect more of the same in the following weeks as the builds to Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank are not far behind.

Rating: B+

That's all for this week, Cagesiders . Let me know what you thought of the show in the comment section.

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