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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (April 16, 2015): Lights out in London

Oh, SmackDown.

Or maybe it's "Oh, me."

WWE programming has settled into a groove that has left me wondering if the product is fine and I'm losing passion for it, or if the product is lacking and I'm simply reacting to it naturally. Like most things in life, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

I just don't see much to get excited about, sometimes even when I know I should be.

John Cena opened SmackDown last night to issue another open challenge, the one consistently good thing WWE has been doing for a few weeks now. He was answered by The Brass Ring Club, who ran him down before Daniel Bryan made an appearance to set up a tag team match in the main event. This is standard SmackDown fare, sure, but we're talking about Cena and Bryan teaming against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

This is a good thing, or at least it should be.

The match later felt uninspired, perhaps due to lingering doubts surrounding Bryan's health. Or the time constraints. Or the psychology of the match itself. There was potential here, untapped.

That's WWE as a whole right now.

Quick bits from the rest of the show revealing the same:

  • A Big Show promo that no one cared about announcing a match against Roman Reigns no one wants to see with a stipulation no one wants.
  • A pointless Bray Wyatt win over R-Truth, the go to match-up for WWE when Wyatt needs to beat someone before doing something more important.
  • A dumb squash match with Bad News Barrett killing The Miz, then a backstage segment that was more annoying that entertaining with a painfully bad setup for a potentially even more painful payoff to a previously amazing feud.
  • What could have been a fun Neville vs. Sheamus match ending in disqualification for no good reason, then a bad back-and-forth between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler leading to a ridiculous match stipulation for what's shaping up to be a terrible PPV.
  • A chaotic, too short tag team match that could have done so much more to get The New Day over but was so sloppy it was barely worth paying attention to.
  • Fandango breaking up with Rosa Mendes for some reason, then Adam Rose getting involved for another reason. No one has motivation for anything and it makes it impossible to care.
  • What was shaping up to be a decent Divas match turning when they fell back into old habits. Also, Cameron won.

This felt like the least necessary episode of SmackDown in history and two matches were booked for the upcoming PPV. That's where WWE is right now. Or maybe it's where I am right now with the product.

Is it me, Cagesiders? Or is it WWE?

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