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Stardust's war against Legends continues to be the most interesting thing on WWE...YouTube

The Goldust feud wasn't the only casualty of a crowded WrestleMania card and Vince McMahon's alleged disapproval.

Cody Rhodes cut a promo that would have had folks buzzing today...if you didn't need to dig through YouTube playlists to find it.

The latest from Stardust puts over his WrestleMania match in a big way, ties in to his interstellar gimmick and his previous "only online" take on his aborted feud with brother Goldust. It also shows Rhodes integrating some of his brother's delivery, and making his current schtick both an homage to Dustin's most famous character and something new.

Do you know Tom that there are only 14 black holes that we know if in space?

14! 14 black holes that can suck the blood down to the marrow from your bones...14 black holes that can disintegrate your eyeballs.

Consider the ladder match at WrestleMania 31 number 15.

And another thing, every 'Legend' from Mick Foley to Razor Ramon to the Heartbreak Kid, the kind of ladder matches Shawn Michaels has weighed in on this very match-up and do you want to know why? Do you want to know why, Tom?

It's because they're afraid. Afraid that when six of the WWE's, six of the world's finest are STANDING BENEATH MY DAMN FEET...that they wouldn't have befriended - Stardust.

Oh, but Shawn has a point. This isn't about 'stealing the show', this isn't about walking through the curtain at WrestleMania looking at the troglodyte in the face and saying 'Follow That'! NO! This is about WINNING! The winner's share of the money, the glory, the pride, the fame, the immortality. History beckons...whatever you want to call me.

History. That's all this is.

Too bad it's somewhere where a lot of fans will never see it. And that it's probably not going anywhere.

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