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WWE SmackDown ratings (Feb. 5, 2015: Viewers down big

WWE moved SmackDown back to Thursday nights on Jan. 15, 2015. For three straight weeks, viewers went up, coming just short of cracking 3 million for last week's live special from Hartford.

The streak, however, is over.

Indeed, last week's show drew 2.95 million viewers while this week's show dropped all the way down to 2.44 million viewers. Here's how the numbers have looked so far this year:

Jan. 2: 2.58 million
Jan. 9: 2.43 million
Jan. 15: 2.67 million
Jan. 22: 2.81 million
Jan. 29: 2.95 million
Feb. 5: 2.44 million

That's a steep drop after such strong growth but the writing for this week's show certainly failed to justify an increase in viewership. If anything, WWE got what it put in on this one.

Here's to hoping things look up next week.

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